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Match Angling Products is a brand that aims to revolutionise match and coarse fishing with innovative products that combine functionality with great value. MAP design, prototype, and field test all its products in the UK, so all the products are designed with the British angler in mind and are built to combat the challenges the modern British angler faces.

MAP produces a full range of tackle for the match and coarse angler. From poles, rods, and reels, to luggage, hard wear, and a comprehensive catalogue of accessories, it really does have something for every angler.

All its products are designed with a simple goal in mind – to help you catch more fish. Each piece of tackle is completely unique to MAP, as all its products are designed in-house. The company works with a team of expert anglers at the top of their sport to design and prototype its product range. In this way, it is only producing products that are essential for helping you catch more fish, so all its products are highly practical. The team of consultants work closely on the initial design before passing it over to the computer aided design (CAD) team to bring the product to life. The prototype is then passed back to the consultants to undergo a rigorous field test. The feedback from these tests ensures that any tweaks to design, look, and functionality are made before the product hits the shop floor. Often multiple prototypes of the same product are made over a series of months, each incorporating the feedback from the consultants, so the product you receive is the perfect finished article. This is a brand that produces tackle truly made by anglers, for anglers.

The consultants it is privileged to work with include young buck James Dent, England International and multiple time finalist in Fish ‘O’ Mania, to stalwart Matt Maginnes, who is an expert in river fishing and is one of the UK’s finest running water anglers. This range of experience and skills ensures that its products are great all-rounders for match and coarse anglers.

On the blog you can read posts from these featured consultants as well as members of the MAP team and other guest anglers. These posts give an insight into the professional match fishing scene, as well as allowing the experts to impart tips and tricks. The news section of the blog not only keeps you up to date on all the latest events in the match calendar, but it also gives sneak previews of certain products. This behind-the-scenes exclusive content gives an insight into the fishing industry as well as giving you a head start on the other anglers on the bank when it comes to purchasing the latest gear.

The MAP YouTube channel features several different series, each designed to give a different insight into angling. ‘On the Box’ is a live match fishing series, with no edits, and no second chances. This gives a real insight into high pressure match fishing. The ‘Challenge’ series does exactly what it says on the tin, and gives fans of the brand the chance to set a challenge for one of MAP’s pro-anglers. The ‘Skill School’ series features pure tips and tricks from the very best in the business. There are also other one off videos that showcase great locations and other previously unseen match footage.

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