Marukyu Balanced Nutrition Ground Bait

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Key Features

  • A medium particle groundbait
  • Full of ocean and marine proteins
  • Packed with amino acids
  • Developed with Nori formula's
  • No riddling required
  • Also makes a perfect paste mix
  • Very fast breakdown speed
  • Ideal for Carp, Tench, Bream and F1's
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EFG131 Model: EFG131
EFG 131 contains 23 main ingredients and is packed with animal and fish-based proteins, plus Nori. The bait works by attracting fish from the moment it hits the water, and it has proved itself as an exceptional all temperature bait which is especially good under cold-water conditions. It appeals to a wide range of coarse species, including all cyprinids, bream and tench. At a glance: - A MEDIUM PARTICLE GROUNDBAIT FULL OF OCEAN AND MARINE PROTEINS AND AMINO ACIDS. - DEVELOPED WITH MARUKYU'S EXCLUSIVE NORI FORMULA PERFECT FOR FEEDER AND METHOD FISHING. - MIX 2-1 AND REST FOR FIVE MINUTES NO RIDDLING REQUIRED - MAKES PERFECT PASTE MIX 1-1 - TARGET SPECIES CARP, BREAM. TENCH. BARBEL AND F1s - MAIN INGREDIENTS: 23 - NUTRITIONAL VALUE: LOW - THE MEDIUM GRAINS MAKE THIS A PERFECT BAIT FOR BIGGER FISH - BREAKDOWN SPEED VERY FAST AT 2-1 How to get the best from EFG 131 Marukyu field testers have had incredible match results with EFG 131. It is amazing at low water temperatures. Do not think that because it is a medium grain size it will quickly overfeed the fish, it will not as it is a low feed value ground bait. A multi species bait but with the added bonus of also being species specific, no bream or tench can resist EFG 131! UNIQUE INGREDIENTS Marukyu products have many unique ingredients. The clever part is how these have been blended together to make exceptional baits that catch fish consistently. NORI EFG 131 contains Nori, which is Japanese for seaweed. Seaweeds are marine algae which represent highly nutritious foodstuffs when they are incorporated into baits and groundbaits. They're packed with vitamins, plant sterols and trace elements, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils. Field testers have had outstanding results especially with bream and tench using Marukyu baits containing our exclusive Nori formulation.

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