Masterline Livebait Bucket

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Key Features

  • Keeps your bait fresh and alive
  • Super easy to change the water
  • Natural green colour
  • Dual Handles
  • 12 or 18 Litre Live Bait Bucket
  • Dimension: 400mm x 265mm
  • The Bucket Is Made In Italy
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Masterline Livebait Bucket

Anglers who use live bait for fishing know just how effective it can be. Whether you’re predator fishing with live baits you’ve caught that day or you’re adding a few live worms to your groundbait mix for carp and coarse fishing, a fresh live bait can have a devastating effect on your catch rate. However, if you do regularly use live baits in your angling then you’ll know just how hard it can be to keep bait both alive and fresh on the bank – particularly on a warm summer day or over a longer session. This Livebait Bucket from Masterline is the ideal bait storage tool for keeping bait bank ready.

The most impressive feature of the Masterline Livebait Bucket it its dual compartments and this is also the key feature which ensures that your bait remains ready for use. Firstly, you have the external bucket. In a dark green this bucket is neutral and will go well with any luggage set. This bucket can be used independently from the rest of the Livebait Bucket – for example it could be used for holding groundbait, too – making it an incredibly versatile bit of kit and it operates in exactly the same manner as a traditional bucket. However, what really sets this bait bucket apart from the rest is its secondary, internal bucket. This bucket is constructed from a fine woven plastic mesh, rather than a solid plastic. By placing your live bait in this internal mesh bucket and then slotting this into the external bucket, you get a two tier bucket system that allows you to store your bait safely and securely.

The mesh of the bucket ensures that water can flow in and out of the bucket, giving your live bait a constant supply of water. By lifting the internal bucket out of the external you can quickly and easily change the water, too, ensuring that you bait always has a fresh supply of water (it is always suggested that you use water directly from your venue to sustain your live bait). You can also add in as much water as you require into the whole outfit, depending on the quality of bait you are storing in your bucket. The Masterline Livebait Bucket is also fitted with a breathable lid. This allows a good airflow through the bucket, preventing the water from becoming starved of oxygen. Dual handles mean that you can lift both the internal and external buckets independently from one-another. This not only means you can use both completely independently from the other, but it also ensures that you don’t hurt your fingers on the plastic of the buckets as you lift one from the other.

This bucket has an 18l capacity, so it can hold a significant amount of live bait as well as enough water to ensure that your baits have enough room to move. The bucket is made in Italy by stalwart of the industry, Masterline. The company began trading almost half a century ago, primarily manufacturing fly fishing lines. However, the company soon expanded its product range far beyond this and the brand now manufactures tackle for all areas of the sport. The brand is currently owned by angling giants, Jarvis Walker. Jarvis Walker have been manufacturing tackle for the Australian market for over 70 years and, when the brands merged, the British side of the company became Masterline Walker. No matter what area of angling you are interested in, whether you’re a predator hunter or a carp fishing fanatic, Masterline Walker will manufacture the perfect product to suit your needs.


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