Maver Oculus 999 XS 16m Pole Package

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Key Features

  • Manufactured from high tensile Japanese carbon fibres
  • Beautifully balanced and ultra light
  • Kit Package:
  • 1x Match top 3 kit inside the pole
  • 3x Oculus XS powerlite power kits, slotted &bushed
  • 4x Oculus XS commercial power kits, slotted &bushed
  • 1x Oculus XS cupping kit &cups
  • 1x Oculus bi-conical extension 8-9
  • Pole holdall &protective tubes
Maver Oculus 999 XS 16m Pole Package, With new spec for 2020 the Oculus 999 is simply outstanding! Manufactured from high tensile Japanese carbon fibres which we bond to our own factory produced pre-pregs incorporating our own unique resins producing a pole that is incredibly stiff , beautifully balanced and ultra light. With the unique power kits in place, larger elastics will easily tame the biggest carp. The innovative Fusion joints present on the power kits helps maintain the rigidity and tip speed with larger elastics. The inner Magic Steps substantially improve the free flow of all elastics. Teflon joints are applied to sections 3,4,5 & 6 eliminating carbon to carbon wear. Poles of this quality & features would easily command a selling price well in excess of 1500+.
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