Maver Slot-eez styl Pincers

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Key Features

  • Perfect for pinching Maver Slot-eez and styl on to your rigs
  • Top quality stainless steel pincers from Maver
  • Complete with durable rubber grip
  • Making fitting small Slot-eez or styl shot a simple procedure

Tell Me About It

These Slot-eez Styl Pincers are perfect for getting the Maver shot of the same name onto your rigs. Manufactured from top-quality stainless steel, this shot pinching tool simplifies the process of readying a rig for dropshotting, while the durable rubber grip ensures they’re comfortable to use.

What Discipline Is It For?

An essential tool for successful match angling and coarse fishing, these shot pincers save you time, and improve your coarse and match dropshot rigs.

Why Should I Buy It?

These Maver Shot Pincers are a useful fishing tool, giving you full flexibility during angling matches, and when carp or coarse fishing. Shot can be an effective tactic in many angling scenarios, if it is used effectively – something these pincers make truly effortless.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The fact that these pincers are designed with a particular type of shot in mind, but are versatile enough to be used for any brand of similar fishing shot, makes them a valuable addition to your tackle box.

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