Middy M-Tech Carp Commercial Line

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Key Features

  • M-Tech is a unique co-polymer line
  • Sinks faster than mono once it is pulled under the water surface
  • Extruded through a highly-polished die
  • Creates an exclusive Hard-Shell outer
  • Water-walker properties for float fishing
  • Assists casting, improves knot strength
  • Creates anti-abrasion properties for extra durability
  • Reduces refraction so light does not go off at an angle
  • M-Tech is also of a Method brown colour
  • Matches the bottom of commercial lake beds
  • Supplied on mega 300m spools
  • Available in several breaking strains
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1009 Diameter: 0.22mm, Breaking Strain: 8lb, Length: 300m
1006 Diameter: 0.16mm, Breaking Strain: 4.4lb, Length: 300m
1007 Diameter: 0.18mm, Breaking Strain: 5.2lb, Length: 300m
1011 Diameter: 0.28mm, Breaking Strain: 12lb, Length: 300m
1008 Diameter: 0.20mm, Breaking Strain: 6.6lb, Length: 300m
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Discontinued product items
Model Item name
1010 Diameter: 0.25mm, Breaking Strain: 10lb, Length: 300m
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Tell Me About It

This unique co-polymer line is perfect for all your coarse fishing needs, giving you a braid line that sinks faster than mono once it drops below the water line, and features a hard shell outer coating for optimal abrasion resistance, creating a durable line that will give you perfect performance session after session.

Designed to assist with distance casting, this line gives you enhanced knot strength, and features water walker properties for float and lure fishing, making it a versatile predator fishing choice.

Designed to reduce refraction, this line ensures you avoid glare on those bright days, while the method brown colour is designed to blend with most commercial lake beds, making this line perfect for method feeder work, as well as a range of other angling styles.

Available in several breaking strains, this line is supplied on a 300m mega spool, giving you plenty of performance potential.

What Discipline Is It For?

Perfect for all your coarse and predator fishing needs.

Why Should I Buy It?

This is a versatile line that’s designed for performance, and which will work well in any fishing discipline; if you’re an angler who likes to mix up their fishing, then this line is for you.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The versatile, high performance design, that excels in every discipline.

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