Nash Globetrotter Complete 3 Rod Pod

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Key Features

  • Spring loaded ratchet leg angle adjustment and lock
  • Guaranteed zero slippage
  • Virtually infinite rod position options
  • Designed from horizontal to vertical
  • Supplied with fixed length buzzer bars for goal post style support
  • Extending parallel main bar assembly for non twist frame support
  • Four detachable adjustable legs
  • Compression twist lock cams to adjust main bar and leg length
  • Moulded anchor brackets for bungee elastics
  • Matte black anodised finish
  • Includes unique roll up carry bag
  • Centre bar extension: 63-114cm
  • Short Leg extension: 22-36cm
  • Extension Leg extension: 92-135cm
  • 3 Rod Globetrotter Bars: Rear 30cm (12)
  • 3 Rod Globetrotter Bars: Front 32.5cm (13)

With a virtually infinite range of rod positioning options, the Nash Globetrotter Complete 3 Rod Pod has to be one of the most versatile pieces of bankside equipment going, and a must for the dedicated angler, whatever your preferred discipline and angling style.

Supplied with full length buzzer bars which offer goal-post style rod support, the Globetrotter comes with four detachable, adjustable legs, while compression twist-lock cams allow easy adjustment of main bar and leg length, enabling you to effortlessly adapt your rod pod to suit all bankside terrains, including sloping, uneven ground, guaranteeing absolutely no slippage, while the spring loaded ratchet leg angle adjustment perfectly compensates for the camber of the bankside, or the natural unevenness of a fishing platform.

An extending parallel main bar supports the frame without causing any twist, while moulded anchor brackets allow for the placement of bungee elastics or stabilising weights at each end of the pod.

Finished in anodised matte black, which presents a striking, timelessly stylish bankside profile, the Globetrotter 3 is supplied with its own unique, roll up  carry bag, and brings all the intelligence, dedication, and angling knowhow that underpins and informs the Nash brand to bear on your angling experience.

Giving you the ability to set your rods up and leave them while you wait for a take, a rod pod is something no angler should be without, especially if you regularly fish during winter, when it may frequently be too cold to simply stand around waiting on your rods. With a rod pod, you can set your rods up, feed your swim, and head off for a nice, warming brew, safe in the knowledge that your bite alarm will let you know if you get a take, and, in the minute or two it might take you to get from your rods to your bivvy, your rod pod will hold your rods stable and steady, no matter what’s going for them.

While the Globetrotter 4 comes with four rod bars, the Globetrotter 3 is supplied with three rod bars, making it easier than ever for you to choose the best rod pod for your set up.

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