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Kevin Nash, who remains CEO of Nash Tackle, has been a pioneer in the carp fishing scene since his first catch in 1967, when he was not yet a teenager. He is the one responsible for the development of much of the terminal tackle, rod supports, and bait we take for granted today, and even at school he had picked up the hobby of creating his own tackle. He especially enjoyed catching fish from his own handmade tackle and although it’s been fifty years since he caught his first carp, his love of sitting on the bank waiting for a bite hasn’t waned. It was these very early carp tackle designs that caught the attention of other anglers on the bank. Kevin’s first foray in the tackle industry, Happy Hooker Tackle, was born.

Happy Hooker was indulgent tackle manufacturing. Kevin made tackle because he needed it, and he made it to suit his fishing style. Because of the lack of tackle on the market, his fellow anglers had no choice but to go with the best, and Happy Hooker was the best. In the years that followed the carp fishing world exploded. Demand grew, and outgrew Happy Hooker as Kevin was inundated with requests to produce more and more. In the midst of this boom, Happy Hooker re-banded and turned into Kevin Nash Tackle, the name that to become synonymous with high quality carp fishing.

Though years have passed, Kevin still loves his carp fishing and he particularly enjoys the challenge of fishing unpressured carp in difficult waters. In 1985 he held the Essex record as he landed the county’s first 40lb carp, and he still holds the record for the UK’s largest brace – two over 50lb fish caught in under 15 minutes.

In the years that have followed the re-brand, no other company has produced industry defining carp tackle the way that Nash Tackle has. Innovation has been a hallmark of the company’s success, from the first carp safe slings, to holdalls with the ability to carry made-up rods and reels, it has led the way in the industry. Many of the products the brand invented have become stalwarts of the market, and copied by hundreds of other tackle companies up and down the country.

Nash remains the largest carp specialist brand on the modern market. Keeping Kevin’s ethos from the early years to produce tackle that is needed, it continues to listen to the anglers on the bank in order to supply them with practical high quality fishing tackle. The brand is supported by a plethora of experts, and Kevin’s second in command, Alan Blair, is also an experienced carp fisherman. It is Kevin’s belief that if Alan were to dedicate himself to the sport of carp fishing he would be among the finest in the country.

From a humble one man company, it now supplies over 32 countries worldwide, and is the market leader in the both the UK and Europe. It produces seasonal e-zines to showcase its most recent products, featuring articles from the expert Nash team on how to use the products, as well as stunning photography of the finest fishing locations in the country.

 Nash Tackle – the original innovators.

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