Nash Groundhog Brolly

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Key Features

  • Extreme waterproof Aqua Sense Hydra cover
  • Spaceframe rib &hub for vastly increased internal room
  • Reinforced rib ends
  • Supplied with twin 36 inch storm sticks
  • Four swivel storm rod caps
  • Four rear rib ground contact for total stability
  • Rain gutter prevents front water run off
  • Optional heavy duty groundsheet
  • Weight: 3.2 kg

Nash Groundhog Brolly

Kevin Nash is famous for designing top quality brolly systems for the short session and day angler. This Groundhog Brolly is no different – although would you expect anything less from the man who designed the original oval brolly that allowed anglers to fit their bedchairs under their brolly? The Nash Groundhog Brolly is manufactured from Nash’s specially designed Aqua Sense Hydra material. This is extremely waterproof and it ensures that you’ll never feel ‘caught out’ by an unexpectedly heavy downpour again.

One of the biggest benefits of the Nash Groundhog Brolly is its improved space frame. This is a specialised frame design which maximises the internal space without increasing the footprint of the brolly. It also features a significantly more compact central stub, which ensures that you enjoy additional headroom which is simply unavailable in other brolly systems. After all, there is nothing worse that sitting hunched over in your brolly all day, unable to respond with your usual vigour when your bite alarm screams because your back has seized up! The space saver frame also ensures that you have more than enough room to store your bedchair and, by pushing it as far back into your bivvy as possible, you’re left with ample space to store the rest of your luggage.

The Nash Groundhog Brolly is quick and simple to erect. Simply screw in the central bar into the stub and erect as you would a conventional brolly, and then attach the storm poles. You can then remove the central bar, as the brolly will stand independently, and peg the brolly down to ensure its stability in all wind conditions. This speedy construction means that you’re able to focus your time on the bank doing what you love – carp fishing – rather than wasting vital moments trying to erect your brolly. The Nash Groundhog Brolly comes supplied with twin 36 inch storm poles. These provide additional structural support, as well as holding the storm sides in position for additional wind and rain protection.

The Nash Groundhog Brolly features four ribs with ground contact. This is more than most standard brollies and it ensures that the brolly is firmly rooted into the swim. On windy days, particularly when the wind is coming off the water, this is an essential asset that really puts the Groundhog head and shoulders above the rest. A rain gutter, which runs around the brim of the brolly, prevents any rain from running directly off the front of the brolly. Not only does this negate any potential splash back, but it also ensures that your vision remains completely unimpaired as you view across your swim. The Nash Groundhog Brolly comes with its own heavy duty groundsheet. This is optional and can be left out of brolly on dry and sunny days, or for shorter sessions. However, if you arrive on a swim after a heavy downpour, a groundsheet is an excellent way to keep the damp out of your luggage.

Mobility is key in carp fishing these days and as lakes grow in popularity it becomes increasingly important to be able to move around a venue in order to stay on top of the fish. This is why the Nash Groundhog Brolly has been designed with the mobile angler in mind. In fact, it only weighs in at a mere 3.2kg. This is ideal for the angler who is looking to consolidate their gear, as well as the angler who wants to be able to up-sticks and move at a moments notice. You’ll hardly notice this brolly in your barrow or over your shoulder! This really is the perfect option for the stalking, roving, and otherwise mobile carp angler.

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