Nash Siren R4 Fishing Bite Alarm Presentation Sets

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T2982 Nash Siren R4 2-Rod Fishing Bite Alarm Presentation Set
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T2983 Nash Siren R4 3-Rod Fishing Bite Alarm Presentation Set

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T2984 Nash Siren R4 4-Rod Fishing Bite Alarm Presentation Set
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Key Features

  • Bite Alarms
  • Homecoming Mode for safe navigation back to a swim when boat fishing
  • Five sensitivity settings for all conditions and environments
  • Eight options for adjusting tone and volume
  • Variable LED colour output - Red, Blue, White, Green or Purple
  • Wrap around LED for maximum visibility from all angles
  • Choice of two brightness settings for each LED colour
  • Pulsing LED output and direct MMCX bayonet attachment for Nash Night Glo indicator range
  • R4 alarms are supplied with an MMCX converter to allow Nash Slap Heads and Bobbins to also connect directly to the body
  • Decreasing tone drop back differential sound
  • Ribbed rod location rubber insert pads to protect carbon blanks and prevent rod creep
  • Three muting configurations
  • Low battery warning
  • Integrated removable rubberised snag ears
  • Complete digital operation for 100% waterproof reliability
  • Matt black soft touch rubber finish
  • Thread compression collar for perfect and secure head alignment
  • Supplied with a soft touch protective PVC case
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Available individually and in 2, 3 and 4 Rod Presentation Sets
  • Receiver
  • Accurate high power remote performance – over 750 metres subject to atmospheric conditions
  • Full R4 Receiver recharge cycle 4 hours
  • Precise tone and LED colour replication from paired R4 alarms
  • Variable volume control
  • 4 Channel remote pairing with single R4 alarms
  • Additional 5th Buddy Channel to pair up to 32 further R4 alarms
  • Three mute/vibrate/LED configuratio
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The new standard for accurate and responsive indication, the Siren R4 is perfect no matter where you fish. Whether it's an English estate lake or battling extreme conditions in European inland seas - this alarm will keep your bite indication on track with its sensitive sonar frequencies! The R4 is a versatile device that can detect and respond to any type of indication caused by carp in all environments.

The R4 Bite alarm presents an evolution in fishing alarms, building on Kevin Nash’s R3 alarms with levels of control and function that put the angler in touch with their terminal tackle, never before possible.

The R4 bite alarm has been proven to be more efficient than any other device on the market. This is because it can detect when weed pull rods are giving off signals, and then ignore them in order not to give out false positives, same for non-events like waves or bubbles occurring during water levels rising or decreasing. The intelligent sensors within this product make sure that nothing gets missed!

The Nash Siren R4 Fishing Bite Alarm Presentation Sets have been designed to set the new standard for bite indication. Offering the most accurate, responsive bite detection whether you are fishing an English Estate Lake or battling the most extreme conditions on some massive European Lakes. These are the best bite alarms that Nash have ever produced!

As you would expect from Nash Bite Alarms, they have packed these bite alarms with a number of advanced and revolutionary features. Further building on the speed responsive indication concept from the Nash Siren R3 Bite Alarms, the R4 bite alarms offer levels of control and function that put the carp angler in touch with their end tackle in ways never possible before in carp fishing.  

The siren R4 will respond to every type of indication caused by carp in any environment. Even when the rod tips are pulling over from weed build up and wave action on hundreds of hectares of water the Nash R4 alarms will still tell you everything you need to know and nothing that you don’t. Never has an alarm been able to screen out non-events to this degree before. It’s Intelligent Sensing made even more intelligent.


Siren R4 Bite Alarms:

Roller Wheel Sensing - Factory setting for the R4 is a standard line movement sensing across the roller. Although superseded by Speed Sensing it has specific applications such as winter zigging where a slow tightening of the line is expected.

Speed Sensing - Two levels of Speed Sensing respond to line movement faster than 1cm and 2cm per second respectively to eliminate false indications. Both settings also feature the innovative Drift Sensing Safeguard.

Wave Sensing - Two further sensitivity settings feature Wave Sensing technology to eliminate false indications from repeated wave action or when fishing from a boat. Alarm events are registered with movement faster than 1cm or 2cm per second and after 15 or 30cm of line movement forwards or backwards over the roller. Both Wave Sensing settings also feature the Drift Sensing Safeguard.

Drift Sensing Safeguard - Another industry first, the R4’s Drift Sensing Safeguard protects against the rare possibility that line can ‘creep’ from a spool due to weed build up on the line for example – where the pressure and movement on the line is not sufficient to trigger a Speed Sensing system.

Drop Back Sensing - All the R4’s sensitivity settings feature drop back alert, with a decreasing tone alarm for audible differentiation of the nature of the take.

Guiding Light - The inventive Homecoming Mode is an ace card of the R4’s features – designed specifically for boat anglers and offering a rear LED on the alarm that when illuminated offers a reference point for navigation back to a swim during the night.

Night Glo - To complement the launch of the revolutionary R4 alarms, the new Night Glo range of indicators connect directly to the casing of R4 alarm heads for an LED output that results in a wicked pulsing Nash Night Glo Bobbin Indicator or Nash Siren Night Glo Swing Arm head whenever the alarm LED lights.

Matching indicator bodies co-ordinate to the LED colour options of R4 alarms with an additional option for black bodies with a white LED glow.


Siren R4 Receiver:

The R4 Receiver offers accurate high power remote performance at ranges over 750 metres – with exact tone replication, and exact LED colour replication from each programmed R4 head. USB-C charge and recharge, guide run time between charges is 20 weeks. In addition the R4 Receiver controls the R4’s unique Homecoming Mode.

The rear LED on one R4 alarm can be selected and illuminated as a direction guide when carp fishing, or all R4 rear LEDs can be illuminated simultaneously to show exactly where alarms are positioned and to help navigate safely between lines – a routine hazard when returning from a boat battle or dropping a rig. In most circumstances the feature is a great practical help, but in extreme weather, fog, big winds and driving rain or when long battles can easily disorientate you it is a safety feature that sets the R4 Receiver and R4 alarm combination apart.

Using the same high power transmission as the remote signal between R4 alarms and Receiver the rear LED function can be triggered from up to 750 metres to illuminate your alarms and light your way back to your swim no matter how far from base camp you find yourself.



Nash R4 Bite Alarm Presentation Set

Discover the ultimate angling experience with the Nash R4 Bite Alarm Presentation Set. This advanced bite alarm system offers unparalleled sensitivity and control, allowing you to stay in touch with your terminal tackle like never before. Designed with the serious angler in mind, the R4 Bite Alarm has a multitude of features that will make your fishing trips more enjoyable and productive.

One of the standout features of the R4 Bite Alarm is the Homecoming Mode, specifically designed for boat fishing. This mode enables safe navigation back to your swim, ensuring that you can always find your way home after a successful day on the water.

With five sensitivity settings, the R4 Bite Alarm caters to all conditions and environments. Whether you're fishing in calm waters or battling the elements, you can trust the R4 to provide reliable bite detection. The alarm also offers eight options for adjusting tone and volume, allowing you to customise your set-up according to your preferences and surroundings.

The R4 Bite Alarm boasts a variable LED colour output with a choice of red, blue, white, green, or purple. The wrap-around LED design ensures maximum visibility from all angles, making it easier for you to monitor your rods at all times. In addition, there are two brightness settings for each LED colour, allowing you to fine-tune your visual indicators for optimum performance.

The pulsing LED output and direct MMCX bayonet attachment are compatible with the Nash Night Glo indicator range, providing seamless integration for your fishing set-up. The R4 alarms also come with an MMCX converter, enabling Nash Slap Heads and Bobbins to connect directly to the body of the alarm.

The decreasing tone drop back differential sound alerts you to changes in your line tension, while the ribbed rod location rubber insert pads protect your carbon blanks and prevent rod creep. The R4 Bite Alarm offers three muting configurations and a low battery warning, ensuring that you never miss a bite due to an unexpected power outage.

Constructed with a 100% waterproof digital operation, the R4 Bite Alarm is both reliable and durable, even in the harshest of conditions. The integrated removable rubberised snag ears and matt black soft touch rubber finish give the alarm a sleek, professional appearance.

The thread compression collar allows for perfect and secure head alignment, while the soft touch protective PVC case ensures that your alarm stays in pristine condition when not in use. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included), the R4 Bite Alarm is available individually and in 2, 3, and 4 Rod Presentation Sets to suit your angling needs.

The Nash R4 Bite Alarm Presentation Set offers unparalleled sensitivity and control for the discerning angler. With its advanced features and customisable settings, this bite alarm system is a must-have addition to any angler's arsenal. Experience the difference for yourself and elevate your angling game with the Nash R4 Bite Alarm Presentation Set.


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