Nash S5 Batteries (fits MKI S5)

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Key Features

  • To fit Nash Siren S5 Bite Alarm
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Type: 23A
  • 1 Battery per pack

Bite alarms have transformed from a flashy bankside accessory into a must have item for the dedicated carp angler. Today, you’ll be unlikely to head down to the bank and see a three-rod carp fishing setup without both bite alarms and bite indicators attached – and it’s no surprise when you see the results that a top end bite alarm can provide. Firstly, a bite alarm ensures that you can spend nights on the bank enjoying peaceful slumber until the moment your rod experiences a take – meaning that the days and nights of having to sit it out watching your rod tips in the small hours are a thing of the past. Bite alarms, particularly the most modern with the most sensitive of settings, are able to detect the slightest movements under the water. This ensures that you’re able to enjoy a crystal clear picture of what is going on under the water, making it more likely that you’re able to respond positively to genuine takes. With a top end bite alarm you can be confident that your catch numbers will soar and you’ll be able to enjoy success with every session.

As with all electrical items, bite alarms only have so much juice in them before you need to re-charge or re-power them. After all, you don’t want to be left on the bank without your bite alarm – especially if angling with a bite alarm has been your only experience of angling. This is where the team at Nash has stepped in, manufacturing this replacement battery for the brand’s Siren S5 Bite Alarm. Nash understands that it can sometimes be awkward to find the right batteries to fit your alarm and so the brand has taken all the guess work out of the equation with its Siren S5 Replacement Battery. This is a 12 volt battery which is ideal for keeping your Nash Siren S5 Alarm going for an extended period of time. You get one spare battery per pack, so it is more than worth stocking up. By storing these replacement batteries in a waterproof location in your luggage, you can ensure that you’re never let down on the bank by one of your most essential items of kit. Also, as the original S5 does not come with its own battery, it is worth picking one of these up with your initial purchase to ensure that you can hit the ground running with your bite alarm setup.

The Nash Siren S5 Bite Alarm is the ideal tool for the dedicated carp angler who wants to ensure that every session is as successful as possible. The alarm is super sensitive, ensuring that you can enjoy faultless bite recognition in all circumstances. The alarm has a high output volume, too. This means that you won’t have to worry about falling into a deep sleep on the bank, as this alarm guarantees that you’re able to enjoy a full night’s sleep in the confidence that the S5 will rouse you should you experience a ripping take on your bait. The alarm has both a run LED and a latching LED, to paint a clearer picture of what exactly is going under the water and to alert you to which alarm has had the action if you’re only getting short sounds. The alarm is available in four different colours, including the traditional red and blue as well as the modern and ‘ultra-carpy’ white and purple. What’s more, the Nash Siren S5 Bite Alarm is an affordable and high performance alternative to other big name bite alarm brands on the market, making this product as perfect for the dedicated angler on a budget as it is for the novice angler looking to invest in their first set of bite alarms. The Nash Siren S5 Bite Alarm also prides itself on the extended battery life it can provide – a feat which is only possible with this Nash Siren S5 Bite Alarm Replacement Battery.

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