NuFish Taurus 600 Twin Pole Roller

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Key Features

  • The ultimate pole protection
  • New style design pole roller
  • Mounted on a 4-legged chasis
  • Double extending legs
  • Incorporates the new bulls horn style uprights
  • Located on each end of the horizontal rollers
  • In-turned design will serve to cradle your pole when in use
  • Double roller horizontal split by a short upright central post
  • Designed to aid double shipping
  • Also features 2 Taurus end rollers
  • Protects your pole against the rigors of everyday use
  • This roller extends to a superb1300mm height

NuFish strive to make your match fishing easier for you, the brands range of side trays, pole rollers and umbrellas, among other items are designed to improve your functionality on the bank. The NuFish Taurus Pole Roller is inspired by the same principle, utilising certain features to improve the performance of common place items in the match fishing niche.

The concept of a pole roller is a simple one, used to support and assist you in shipping your pole in and out, a pole roller should incorporate features which combat uneven terrain and adverse weather, as well as function smoothly - the NuFish Taurus 600 Twin Roller ticks all of these boxes.

The bigger brother to the Taurus 500, the 600 model is a twin roller designed to aid double shipping of your pole. The function that gives the Taurus its name is the use of bull-horn upright rollers, the vertical in-turned  rollers are angled to assist with shipping but also act as a cradle for your pole, ensuring strong crosswinds do not knock your pole to the ground and cause expensive damage. Between the two in-turned bull horn rollers is a central vertical roller, again, protecting your pole and aiding shipping.

Four double extending legs make up the roller’s chassis, allowing you to adjust the height and angle of your Taurus to suit the gradient of the bank, allowing you to make your fishing as comfortable as possible. The roller, which extends to 1300mm in height and features a fitted anchor hook to ensure it stays anchored to the ground in strong winds. The Taurus 600 is even more compact when folded down and won’t take up room on the bank, in the car or at home.

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