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Sometimes the only way to turn a long day on the bank stalking the predator fish of your dreams without success into an evening of enjoyment and comfort is cooking up a feast fit for a king. We have spent many a long and uneventful day on the bank with only the prospect of food getting us through the hours and luckily for us there’s always been one brand that has ensured that we have the right equipment to cook up a storm.

Trakker has produced a whole host of wonderful cooking equipment to suit all bankside needs. From stoves to saucepans, kettles to cups, and windshields to water carriers – the range from Trakker features everything you could possibly need to make your time on the bank side as enjoyable as possible.

All of the stoves in the range have been ergonomically designed to be as lightweight as possible whilst still providing a stable base for your kettle or pan. Showcasing superb power to weight ratio, the stoves also feature significantly longer gas leads than other models to give you increased security on the bank, keeping the gas canister as far away from the heat source as possible.

There are multiple kettle options. The standard kettle can hold enough water to fill up a cup or two. The power kettle option offers the same capacity as the standard kettle but also features a nifty addition to the kettle base that concentrates the heat to heat the kettle 33% more efficiently. The jumbo kettle is the perfect tool for those anglers who like to fish with friends and can hold 1.5lt of water. This jumbo kettle is also available with the power base.

You won’t be short of cookware with Trakker’s collections of saucepans and frying pans. Available in multi-sets or available to buy separately, they all feature foldable heatproof handles for easy storage. This isn’t even to mention the range of mugs, cups and other cooking accessories that Trakker has to offer!

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