PowerPro Moss Green Braided Mainline 455m

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Key Features

  • Original PowerPro braided line casts further
  • Almost zero stretch
  • Amazing strength
  • Moss Green colour
  • Available in several diameters
  • Available in multiple breaking strengths
  • There is a PowerPro braid for any situation
  • 455m supplied on its own spool
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PPBI45532MG Breaking Strain: 53lb, Diameter: 0.32mm
PPBI45536MG Breaking Strain: 66lb, Diameter: 0.36mm
PPBI45541MG Breaking Strain: 88lb / 40kg, Diameter: 0.41mm
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Discontinued product items
Model Item name
PPBI45528MG Breaking Strain: 44lb, Diameter: 0.28mm
Out of stock
PPBI45519MG Breaking Strain: 29lb, Diameter: 0.19mm
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PPBI45513MG Breaking Strain: 8kg
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Tell Me About It

If you’re looking to cast further, on a line that all but eliminates stretch, then this PowerPro Braided Mainline is the choice for you.

Presented in moss green, which allows you to clearly see the line, whilst ensuring it remains unobtrusive below the water, this mainline offers fantastic strength, and is ideal for all your demanding coarse fishing needs.

Supplied on its own spool for convenience, this line is available in a range of diameters and breaking strains, ensuring you can easily find the right line for your fishing.

What Discipline Is It For?

Perfect for the heavy duty demands of carp, predator, and specialist coarse fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

A dynamic, robust line, that’s designed for performance, this braided mainline gives you everything you need; a line you can see clearly, that is almost invisible below the surface, with incredible strength, and minimal stretch, that’s perfect for doing the heavy work required in coarse fishing for large or hard-fighting fish.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The minimal stretch of this line allows you to keep full control of even the liveliest fish, ensuring you convert more bites during your session.

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