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PowerPro Red Braided Mainline

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Key Features

  • Original PowerPro braided line casts further
  • It has almost zero stretch, and amazing strength
  • Wide range of colors
  • Available in diameters: 0.06mm - 0.76mm
  • Breaking strengths available: 3kg-95kg
  • There is a PowerPro braid for any situation
Grouped product items
Model Item name Price & stock Qty
PPBI13523R Length: 135m, Diameter: 0.23mm, Weight: 33lb
Out of stock
PPBI13508R Length: 135m, Diameter: 0.08mm, Weight: 9lb
Out of stock
PPBI13515R Length: 135m, Diameter: 0.15mm, Weight: 20lb
Out of stock
PPBI13528R Length: 135m, Diameter: 0.28mm, Weight: 44lb
3 in stock
PPBI13510R Length: 135m, Diameter: 0.10mm, Weight: 11lb
Out of stock
PPBI13519R Length: 135m, Diameter: 0.19mm, Weight: 29lb
Out of stock
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Discontinued product items
Model Item name Price Qty
PPBI13513R Length: 135m, Diameter: 0.13mm, Weight: 18lb
Out of stock

Coming under the Shimano umbrella of creations, the Power Pro braid steps up finesse fishing for anglers across the UK. 

The PowerPro Red Braided Mainline, provides almost zero stretches meaning that bite detection is all the more accurate and reduces the risk of your losing a carp. With braid you can feel a lot more with what is going on at the other end of the line than with mono or fluorocarbon. 

The PowerPro braided line also casts further, without burying the spool whilst picking up less water and therefore keeping the line lasting longer. The braid comes in a bright yellow so you can see where that line is at no matter where it is in the water. This also helps with bite detection.

Braid also boasts the benefit of being multiple strands so you can rely on its amazing strength to land you those specimen fish. PowerPro's unique composition and modern technology give you a line that is structurally superior with minimum risk of knots, saving you wasting lots of line. 

Coming with 135m of spool length and with a wide range of line diameters, you can choose from 0.06mm (Weight: 6.5lb), 0.10mm (Weight: 11lb), 0.13mm (Weight: 18lb), 0.15mm (Weight: 20lb), 0.19mm (Weight: 29lb), 0.23mm (Weight: 33lb), 0.28mm (Weight: 44lb) or 0.32mm (Weight: 53lb).

There is a PowerPro braid for any situation.

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