Premier Floats Loaded Pencil

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Key Features

  • One of the most popular shape pike floats used
  • Great for fishing drains and small rivers as well as lakes
  • The loading makes them stable and easy to cast
  • Good with small or large baits
  • Finished in green stain with fluorescent red tops
  • Available sizes: No.1, No, 2 and No. 3
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119 Size: 1, Length: 135mm
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120 Size: 2, Length: 160mm
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121 Size: 3, Length: 195mm
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Premier Floats Loaded Pencil, If you were to ask an avid pike angler which shape of float they most rate for tackling pike, chances are they would say a pencil. Highly versatile, the average pencil float can be used on a variety of waters – including drains, small rivers, and lakes – and with a variety of bait types – whether those are small baits or baits on the larger end of the spectrum. The Premier Floats Loaded Pencils are no different in terms of versatility and they perform superbly across a wide spectrum of angling scenarios. Where the Premier Floats Loaded Pencil really sets itself apart from the competition, however, is its stability. The traditional pencil float shape, although very aerodynamic, is very unstable and can be difficult to cast. As with all angling, pike fishing requires accuracy in the cast – an already difficult feat that becomes almost impossible when you’re fishing with unstable terminal tackle. The loading on the Premier Floats Loaded Pencil has been precision engineered, trialled, and field tested in order to ensure that it adds exactly the right amount of weight without compromising the float – even when you’re fishing with heavy baits. This ensures that they cast like a dream. The Premier Floats Loaded Pencil is finished with a green stain – to make them almost invisible under the water, and is topped with fluorescent red. This ensures that you can see even the smallest movement, even in poor lighting. There are three different sizes of the Loaded Pencil available, from the smallest number one to the largest number three. These ensure that you have versatility on your side, allowing you to tackle a range of pike with a variety of differently sized baits. If you’re looking for an update on a classic to spice up your pike fishing then you can’t go wrong with this British made Loaded Pencil from Premier Floats.

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