Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Basic

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Key Features

  • Corner Locking Handle
  • Eliminates Any Movement When Lifting
  • This Greatly Adds To Stability
  • Tough Powder Coating
  • Provision for Optional Y Bar
  • Lightweight but Strong
  • Front Frame Reinforcing Bars
  • Top Quality New Bearing
  • All Carporter Accessories Compatible
  • Folds Flat, Removable Wheels in Seconds
  • For Space Saving Storage
  • Strap Tie Points
  • Folding Side Bars Adjust For Width to Carry Largest Beds
  • Folding Front Bar Extends To Increase Carrying Capacity
  • Includes Spares Kit and Bungees
  • Can Be Motorized With Kit
  • All Luggage and Bags Compatible, Full Range of Spares
  • Carporter Full Guarantee
  • Max Width: 88cm
  • Max Length: 110cm
  • Size Folded: 85cm x 63cm
  • Weight: 13kg
Prestige Carp Porter MK2 Basic Carp Porter is perhaps the most famous barrow brand in the country, and has been supplying the UK angling community with top quality tackle for over a quarter of a century. This Mk2 Carp Porter from Prestige is one of the original models that first took the angling world by storm all those years ago. The biggest selling barrow of all time, it has a legion of fans and sales continue to improve year on year. Although it has been somewhat refined over the years to incorporate all the latest advances in construction and technology, very little has changed since the day it was first released onto the market. As they say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! The Mk2 Carp Porter features everything you have come to expect from Prestige. An incredibly stable barrow – even when loaded to the maximum – the Mk2 features corner locking bolts in the handles that totally remove all movement when lifting. The Y-Bar handle is also completely height adjustable, so anglers of all sizes can use this barrow with ease. This isn’t the only adjustable element of the barrow, though, and both the sides and front of the barrow can be extended. No matter how much tackle you like to have down on the bank, with the barrow at full width and length you’re able to easily transport it. The built in under-barrow bag has a lid and is designed to keep the contents dry. This is especially useful if you’re moving swims mid-session and you don’t want to get your overnight gear (such as your sleeping bag) damp with dirty water from the river or lake. The Mk2 is compatible with all Carp Porter accessories, so you’re really able to load this barrow up with gear. Despite the incredible capacity of this barrow, it can collapse into a compact package to fit in your vehicle. For such a spacious barrow it folds surprisingly flat, and you won’t have any trouble fitting it in the boot of a reasonably sized car. Lightweight and strong, the Mk2 Carp Porter is designed by carp anglers, for carp anglers. It really is the original and the best.
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