Prestige Porter Wheel Bag

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Key Features

  • Deluxe padded wheel bag
  • Bowling ball style bag with strong carry handles
  • Designed to take axle and wheel together
  • Good access with large high quality zip
  • Will fit all wheels including fat boy
  • Prominent Carporter logo
  • Essential in the winter when tread is covered in mud
  • Dimensions: 50cm H x 38cm W x 20cm D

Prestige Porter Wheel Bag

If you’re a proud owner of a Prestige Carp Porter Barrow then you’ll already be well aware of the myriad of benefits that it can provide for the dedicated carp angler. Not only doe sit allow you to carry all your gear (and more) down to the bank in one go but it is also a lifesaver for the angler who has a bad back from years of lugging their tackle from swim to swim on their back. The Prestige Carp Porter is also one of the most compact barrow designs on the market today and it is able to completely collapse into a neat package in order to slot into you boot – allowing you maximum space to store your gear. To do this, most of the barrows in the range enable you to remove the front wheel – allowing you to get the most compact fit in your boot as possible.

However, although this does provide you with a ‘flat pack’ method of transporting your barrow to and from the lake, it can potentially cause a little mess inside your boot – especially if you’ve been carp fishing during or after a heavy rain and the bankside is thick with mud. This is why Prestige has designed this Porter Wheel Bag, allowing you to store your barrow wheel neatly and tidily – keeping your boot completely mud free! If you’ve ever pushed your barrow down to the bank and back in wintery conditions then you’ll be more than aware of how much mud can collect in the deep tread on the tyres. As you might expect, all this mud ends up in your boot and over the rest of your luggage after your journey home – leaving you with a less than ideal mess which is practically impossible to completely clean up. By placing the wheel and axle of your barrow into the Prestige Porter Wheel Bag you’ll save yourself both time and mess – keeping everything neat and tidy, ready for the next time you head down to the water’s edge.

Inspired by the design of a bowling ball bag, the Prestige Porter Wheel Bag is padded and boasts strong carry handles, as well as a heavy duty, easy-access zip. This allows you to easily and confidently manoeuvre the wheel, keeping the wheel and axle together. The padding helps to protect the wheel from any bumps or scrapes whilst in storage or transit, preventing you from setting up your barrow on the bank only to discover that it has been rendered useless with a flat tyre. The Prestige Porter Wheel Bag has been designed to hold all existing Prestige Carp Porter Barrow Wheels, including the Fat Boy wheel in the range. This also makes it an excellent storage option for the angler who likes to swap barrow wheels depending on the amount of gear they are taking down to the bank, as well as which venues they are targeting.

Prestige is the premier designer of carp fishing barrows and it has been manufacturing top quality barrows for more than 30 years. In fact, for over a quarter of a century it has been the market leader in tackle transportation and once you’ve owned as Prestige Carp Porter you’ll soon understand why! The brand prides itself on the high quality of its British manufacture, as well as its exacting standards of production testing. This ensures that every product it produces is guaranteed to work perfectly on the bank. Innovative, the brand continues to adapt and modify its designs in order to create even better products that really do make life on the bank that little bit easier.

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