Preston Absolute 36 Carbon Seatbox

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Key Features

  • The Absolute Carbon package includes
  • 40mm Deep Tray Unit
  • 40mm Compartmented Side Drawer Unit
  • Deluxe Padded Seat with Integrated Side Drawer
  • 13cm Winder Tray (Complete with Winders)
  • 18cm Winder Tray (Complete with Winders)
  • 26cm Winder Tray (Complete with Winders)
  • Cassette Lid
  • Custom Designed Seatbox Cover
  • Deluxe Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Shuttle Adaptor
  • Carbon Fibre After-Care Kit

Described by Angling Times as “…the Bugatti Veyron of fishing stations”, the team of elite engineers and dedicated designers at Preston Innovations have excelled themselves with the Absolute 36 Carbon Seatbox, which, as with all products from Preston Innovations, delivers a deluxe experience as standard, with a design that’s engineered to last a lifetime, and provide unrivalled comfort and performance during extended match fishing sessions.

In competitive angling, a seatbox is never “just” a seatbox: it’s a vital piece of your equipment, and the difference between being put off your game by niggling irritations and inconveniences, and being so comfortable, with everything so intuitively close at hand, that there is literally nothing else for you to think about than the next cast, the next play, the next fish.  At Preston the demand for exemplary performance, effortless ergonomics, and intuitive, common-sense comfort is hardwired into the company’s DNA, making it impossible for them to release a product that falls short.  

With the Absolute Carbon, however, that natural commitment to excellence has been taken several steps further, ensuring that this new, elite fishing station remains unrivalled for decades to come.  Over the course of three years, the Preston team poured their heart and soul, and their boundless passion and enthusiasm for competitive angling, into taking the Absolute 36 Carbon from draft design to individually hand-finished, individually checked and tested, individually assured final product.

A seatbox isn’t just a seatbox, and you’re not just an angler – you’re an individual, and completely unique.  So is your Absolute Carbon.  Each seatbox features a unique, individual, personalised serial number, ensuring you have an intuitive connection with your fishing station from the moment you unpack it, and guaranteeing that it will serve you well across a lifetime in the water.

Designed and built in England, at the Shropshire home of Preston Innovations, this seatbox is crafted from the finest quality aerospace grade carbon fibre, chosen after hours of painstaking quality control, with attention paid not just to the strength of the carbon fibre, but also its immediate visual appeal; a good product is good in all aspects, from ease of use to durability to looks.  And this is a fishing station that isn’t just good: it’s a paradigm shift of excellence.

Preston Innovations have been exceeding design excellence standards for over 20yrs, crafting products that both look and perform well, and that knowledge, passion, and dedicated experience glows in every sleek, sophisticated curve of high-strength, lightweight carbon fibre that builds and blends to create this seatbox, and elevate it from the realms of a product that’s nice to have, to the position of an essential tool that you cannot afford to be without.

With carbon fibre build and reinforcement a key design element of this brand new, absolutely peerless product from Preston, elegance isn’t just for show, with the Carbon’s sleek, sophisticated curves bringing maximum strength along with the immediate impact of a truly striking appearance.  Presenting a solid stature that’s already firmly setting the standard as a benchmark product in the match fishing world, no area of this fishing station has been overlooked. 

Individually-adjustable, fully locking legs ensure you can quickly and easily set up in unrivalled comfort on the rockiest riverbed, the slickest bank slope, and everywhere in between. You are able to position each individual carbon fibre leg exactly as you need it, and find the height and position to perfectly complement your angling style, while the TPE non-marking system ensures that no amount of adjustment and readjustment over a lifetime of fishing varied terrains, each with different positioning needs for your seatbox, will cause any wear and tear on the legs, maintaining the strength and integrity of the carbon fibre for your lifetime, and beyond.

On any fishing station or seatbox, the footplate is a vital, though often overlooked, part of the whole, and integral to your experience of the fishing station, both in terms of comfort and fishing performance.  On the Absolute Carbon, the footplate is fitted with spring-loaded quick release pins, which lock in place with a simple twist action. This enables the footplate to be quickly and easily adjusted, or even removed, to suit your individual preference and fishing style, and accommodate the changes in body position that inevitably occur during an extended fishing session.

The winder tray features the same spring-loaded, quick release pins as the footrest. With interchangeable colour tabs to complement your choice of winder selection, the winder tray is testament to Preston’s commitment to unique, personal, individual attributes and design in every single area of this outstanding product. Preston’s patent-pending rear access system allows the winder tray to be swiftly and smoothly removed with one hand, ensuring you never have to sacrifice dedicated fishing focus to change up your kit during a session.

Ease of access and innovative use of space continues into the luxury padded seat, which features a shallow side drawer, subtly and effectively utilising the space under the seat to enable you to keep the tackle and accessories you’ll need regularly throughout your session immediately to hand, yet tidily stored.

A centrally-located spirit level, built into the elite engineered carbon fibre frame, takes the guesswork out of ensuring your fishing station is level and stable, allowing you to see at a glance what, if any, adjustments need to be made.  And, with intuitive, one-hand-operation adjustment across all aspects of the Absolute Carbon, making the necessary adjustments to give you luxury levels of comfort, and an unrivalled fishing experience, is the work of seconds. When you’re looking to beat not just your personal best, but every other angler out there over a long session, a seatbox that is perfectly level, and quickly adjustable, with everything you need within natural, intuitive reach, can prove to be that vital element of difference.

A unique, brand new feature on the Absolute range of fishing stations are the Mag Lok magnetic clips.  A revolutionary redesign and proactive paradigm shift of clip technology, these clasps are magnetic, rather than plastic, eliminating the wear and tear that other clasps suffer, and enhancing the lifetime, longevity and lustre of your luxury fishing station, whilst simultaneously improving ease of access to your essential tackle; with Preston’s Mag Lok technology, the days of struggling with plastic clips or hasp-style metal clasps with cold, wet hands and stiff fingers are long gone – but only if you own a Preston Absolute seatbox! For everyone else, the struggle is still all too real.

Benefiting from the exacting standards and attention to detail that is the hallmark of the Preston Engineering vision, the Absolute 36 Carbon is as strong, stylish, practical, and intuitively user-friendly as it is possible for a luxury fishing station to be, without compromising on quality, value, and peerless performance.

Preston also include a complete, complementary aftercare system to ensure your seatbox lasts  a lifetime without ever losing its comfort, performance, looks, or functionality, as well as a Shuttle Adaptor, so you can quickly, easily, and securely transport your fishing station to your chosen swim on the Preston Shuttle. (Sold separately.)

You’ve given absolutely everything to become the match angler you are today, so why not reward yourself with the Absolute best in seatboxes, where deluxe styling and unrivalled attention to detail come as standard, and everything, from the mud feet to the seat itself, is designed and built around you, with every possible need of every conceivable angler and style of angling considered and accommodated during the 36 months that Preston have spent bringing this beautiful, functional product to fruition. You may not be able to afford a Bugatti – but you can afford the Bugatti of fishing stations.

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