Preston Centris NT 520 Reel

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Key Features

  • The Centris NT 520 is ideal for long distance
  • Larger spool size and bigger Aluminium body
  • Perfect for casting longer distances
  • The retrieve rate on the Centris 520 is phenomenal
  • Making it ideal for long distance feeder anglers
  • Designed around a compact body with Powerdrive

Tell Me About It

Over two years in development, the Preston Centris rang of match fishing reels uses the finest grade materials to create strong, durable tackle that gives match anglers the dual advantage of speed and accuracy, in a piece of kit that’s going to bring in winning hauls match after match.

A titanium shaft and rotor finish off a full aluminium body, giving superior strength and power without adding too much additional weight, and make the NT 520 the ideal reel for long distance feeder anglers.

A strong, flexible bail arm is crafted from material that’s supple enough to ensure that your reels arrive ready to fish after being carried on a made up rod in a rod holdall, something which damages many reels, leading to frustration on the peg, and a loss of vital fishing time that it’s difficult to recover from.

If you regularly fish with two lines, then you’ll love the fact that this reel comes with two line clips as standard, and features a push-button spool change, making it effortless for novice anglers to change up and fish on, without losing too much time.

The gear ratio on the NT 520 is set to 5:0:1 for a smooth draw, while 7 bearings give the most responsive action yet. At a little over 300g, this reel features a 150m spool capacity, and 0.75m/turn retrieve.

What Discipline Is It For?

The Preston Centris range is the ultimate match fishing reel, and will give you stand out performance on every venue, whatever species you’re fishing for, and however much action you typically handle.

Why Should I Buy It?

If you want to make the most of your match potential, you need a reel that can give you the speed and precision that match wins are made from.  The Preston Centris range brings you those reels, from a brand that’s proven, time and time again, that they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to designing high-quality fishing tackle.

Two years of development is an investment worth benefitting from, and gives you the assurance that you’re buying a reel that will give you all the match fishing potential you can handle, and which can keep up with your casting, your turnarounds, and your angling ambitions.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The top quality materials used set this reel apart, and ensure that its high performance will remain clearly in evidence for many active matches to come.

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