Preston In-Line Flat Method Feeder Small

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Key Features

  • Flat bottom design
  • Camo green colour
  • Ideal for casting tight to the sloping banks of an island
  • Accepts a size 10 swivel or a Preston Ring Swivel
  • Use free running or semi-fixed
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Preston Innovations In-Line Flat MethodFeeder, 

Preston is a brand which has long been associated with match fishing excellence and there is surely no match fishing tactic more profitable than feeder fishing. Allowing you to precisely position your hookbait in amongst a pile of freebie pellets or a carpet of groundbait, the feeder fishing tactic has been the cause of many a match fishing win. Now, Preston has developed an In-Line Flat Method Feeder system, making feeder fishing even quicker and easier! This system has been designed for use with the Preston Quick Release Method Mould, which allows for the ultra-quick re-baiting of your Preston In-Line Flat Method Feeder. Please note that this system does not come supplied with the feeder and is instead available to purchase separately. Images shown are for demonstration purposes only.

As the name suggests, the Preston In-Line Flat Method Feeder has been designed with an in-line system. This ensures that the line runs through the feeder itself, preventing any tethering of fish should you encounter an unfortunate line break during your session. You can use this system free running, allowing the feeder to move well out of the way during a take but potentially risking tangles in weed at the bankside, or semi-fixed, ensuring that the feeder moves down your line but is held in position. Both of these styles have different benefits and drawbacks on the cast and retrieve, so having the flexibility to mix up your setup in this manner is vital for allowing you to fish to the best of your ability in a range of scenarios.

This is a completely flat bottomed system, ensuring that it sits flush to the venue bed and eliminating the risk of rolling. This makes it especially suited to river fishing, when you want to avoid your system being dragged downstream easily, as well as being ideal for casting onto the sloping banks of an island. The system is characterised by its central bars, which cling onto the coarse fishing bait as it is cast into the water. The open top then allows for the rapid disintegration of the bait structure, creating a carpet around the feeder and revealing the hidden hookbait. This has caused the system to be incredibly popular for fishing on fast paced commercial venues, as well as for fishing in competitive match-style scenarios. If you’re an angler who loves precise presentation then you need look no further – the Preston In-Line Flat Method Feeder is ideal for you.

As well as resting flush to the venue bed, the system itself comes in a camouflage-green colour. This ensures that the feeder doesn’t spook nervous fish in the water, so you don’t risk on losing out on big captures due to wily carp. In fact, many anglers believe that fish will actually come to the sound of the method feeder hitting the water, as they know that it is a source of high-quality freebie baits.

The Preston In-Line Flat Method Feeder is available in three different weights across two different sizes – large and small. The small feeder is ideal for use in the winter months, when you don’t want to overfeed your fish and potentially put-off future captures. The larger system is perfect for when the water is warmer and the fish are feeding, as it ensures that your target fish are held grubbing in the area for hours. The lightest system is 15g unloaded and the heaviest is a huge 45g, with an intermediate 30g ensuring that all scenarios are covered. Whether you’ve never tried this method of feeder fishing before or you’re an avid method feeder fan, the Preston In-Line Flat Method Feeder is the ideal tool for you. 

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