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Prologic Cruzade Single Rod Sleeve

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Key Features

  • Completely padded
  • Spacious and padded reel compartment
  • 10mm heavy duty zipper
  • Suitable for rod with 50mm butt ring
  • 10ft Dimensions: 10cm x 168cm
  • 12ft Dimensions: 10cm x 198cm
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54436 Size: 12ft
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54435 Size: 10ft
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Tell Me About It

Available in two sizes, to suit either 10ft or 12ft rods, the Cruzade Prologic Rod Sleeve is completely padded, ensuring full protection for your rods in storage, and en route to the bank - even the bumpiest barrow ride won't damage your rod once it's safely tucked away inside this dedicated sleeve.

The rod sleeve also features a reel compartment, which gives you plenty of space for most standard size carp reels. Reinforced at key stress points, and made from durable, hard wearing material, this compartment, like the rod sleeve itself, offers maximum protection to the most fragile part of your angling arsenal, and ensures that you're always ready to fish once you arrive at the bank, no matter how difficult the trek from the car ended up being.

Fitted with a heavy duty zipper, and reinforced at key stress points, both the 10ft and 12ft rod sleeve options are suitable for rods with 50mm butt rings, so you can rest assured that this heavy duty rod sleeve will accommodate your heavy duty tackle.

What Discipline Is It For?

A durable, practical piece of carp angling tackle luggage.

Why Should I Buy It?

Keeping your rods in good condition gives you better fishing.  Angling is like any other sport; if your equipment is past its best, or has been bashed about, it won't perform the way you expect, and you won't enjoy the results you're capable of achieving.

Putting a rod in a dedicated rod sleeve, even if you've only got a thirty second walk from your vehicle to your swim, across smooth, even ground, is a common sense way to ensure that no mishap - such as a simple stumble - ends up writing off your session because your rod gets damaged.

If you're heading out with rod in hand, you want to fish - and protecting your rod with a rod sleeve ensures you'll be doing exactly that.

What's The Best Thing About It?

Spacious protection for your rod and reel.

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