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Prologic Total Meltdown PVA Kit

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Key Features

  • Supplied with the following
  • Prologic TM PVA Bag with Holes x23 (50mm x 100mm)
  • Prologic TM PVA Hex Mesh Kit 10m 18mm
  • Prologic TM PVA Hex Mesh Kit 10m 24mm
  • Prologic TM PVA Solid Tape 20m 10mm
  • Prologic TM PVA Solid Tube Kit 5m 30mm
  • Prologic CDX Accessory Pouch Small (19cm x 13cm x 14cm)

PVA fishing methods have experienced increased popularity in recent years thanks to the versatility of the technique and its prolificacy on all venues. Whether you prefer solid bags or mesh bags, the options are endless; solid bag fishing with your hook length and lead inside the bag with a leader protruding can be a quick and easy method, using a funnel web system to present a few boilies next to your hookbait or filling your PVA bag with dry groundbait to pop it up briefly and guarantee a good presentation on the lake bed.

The range of PVA products is growing, PVA tape and floating nuggets are now widely used and allow you to tailor your PVA bag use to the situation you face on the bank.

The Prologic Total Meltdown PVA kit champions the versatility of PVA fishing, the bundle includes six top quality items to further your PVA fishing.

The first product in the range is the Prologic TM Solid PVA bag with holes, twenty-three of them to be precise, the perforation assists sinking and speeds up breakdown time once the bag hits the deck. If you wish to use these in conjunction with your lead and hook length concealed within the bag the next product in the range will be vital.

20 metres of TM PVA solid tape will allow you to tie off your PVA solid bags, around the protruding leader, many anglers prefer the use of tape over tying off their PVA bags as it disintegrates efficiently and does not form in blobs, which can sometimes happen when you tie off your PVA bags.

There is three PVA Hex Mesh Kits in the bundle; 10 metres of 18mm mesh, 10 metres of 24mm mesh and 5 metres of 30mm mesh. Mesh bags are perfect for quickly hooking onto you rig and presenting free offerings around your hookbait. Pellets or boilies are the obvious choice but with many baits now being PVA safe your options are endless.

The final product in the package is the Prologic CDX Accessory Pouch, with dimensions of 19cm x 13cm x 14cm the tidy little pouch will comfortably house all items in the kit and crucially keep them dry!

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