RidgeMonkey Boilie Crusher Full Set

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Key Features

  • Robust ABS construction
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel blades
  • Non-identical blade pattern
  • Designed for a varied final texture
  • Removable handle
  • See through safety lid
  • Inclusive hard wearing drawstring carry bag
  • Optional 5kg hopper extension available

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RidgeMonkey Boilie Crusher Full Set

RidgeMonkey is a brand which has been consistently impressing anglers in recent years with its innovative and practical collection of bankside accessories. The Boilie Crusher is no different and it forms an excellent addition to the growing RidgeMonkey range. This is the complete boilie crusher set, which includes not only the crusher head but also the modular bucket system, so it is good to go as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

The RidgeMonkey Boilie Crusher Full Set is, in its simplest terms, a really big boilie crusher. Boilies are round because this is the best shape for throwing or catapulting them over the water: tight and compact, it ensures accuracy and consistency. However, it’s no secret that carp learn to be wary of these perfect little balls. This is where a top quality boilie crusher comes into play, as it gives you that extra edge on the bank. There are plenty of handheld systems available on the market which allow you to crumb up a PVA bag’s worth of boilies at a time. However, if you’re looking to spod out large amounts of boilie crumb or you’re over on the continent wanting to deliver huge quantities of irregularly sized bait into your swim then these handheld devices are as good as useless and you’ll be left sitting on the bank for hours crushing boilies in order to get the kind of quantities you’re after. This is where the Boilie Crusher comes into play, as it allows you to crumb up to a kilo of boilies in one go – perfect for the angler who wants to add some irregularity into their freebies.

This is an incredibly easy system to use. First things first, you lift the lid of the crusher and pour in up to a kilo of your chosen boilies. Then, simply close the lid and start to crank the stainless steel handle. This will start the blades rotating, chopping up the boilies. In order to crush one kilo of boilies in less than one minute, RidgeMonkey recommends switching your rotation every few turns. This will change the direction of the blade, moving the boilies in the system and ensuring that every single last one is crushed. The crush boilies collect in the modular bucket system below, ready for use in your spod mix.

The handle of the RidgeMonkey Boilie Crusher is not only stainless steel (for incredible durability) but it is also completely removable. This ensures that you never have any issues transporting your system and it prevents the blades from accidentally rotating in transit. The blades themselves are also stainless steel. This is because RidgeMonkey wanted to ensure that this system wasn’t going to blunt or break after only a handful of uses – with stainless steel blades you can be confident that this system will last as long as you do. In fact, this system is even robust enough to chop tiger nuts! The blades are spaced at uneven intervals along the system. This ensures that you’re going to be left with a completely uneven coarse crumb, allowing smaller pieces to fall into the gravel or silt to keep the carp grubbing for hours. If you do want a finer crumb, you can simply pour your crumb back through the system. The lid of the RidegMonkey Boilie Crusher is transparent, to allow you to see exactly how much bait you have left to crush.

The RidgeMonkey Boilie Crusher Full Set comes supplied with a robust draw string carry bag for ease of transportation. If you’re a dedicated carp angler who is looking for new carp bait solutions then this is the perfect tool for you. 

RidgeMonkey Boilie Crusher Full Set

RidgeMonkey has become a favourite among anglers for its innovative and practical range of bankside accessories. The Boilie Crusher is no exception, and it makes a fantastic addition to the ever-growing RidgeMonkey collection. This complete Boilie Crusher set includes not only the crusher head but also the modular bucket system, ensuring it's ready to use straight out of the box.

The RidgeMonkey Boilie Crusher Full Set is essentially an oversized boilie crusher. Boilies are round to ensure accuracy and consistency when throwing or catapulting them across the water. However, carp can become wary of these uniformly shaped bait balls. A top-quality boilie crusher provides that extra edge, creating a more varied texture to attract fish. While there are handheld systems for small-scale crushing, they are inadequate for larger quantities of bait. The Boilie Crusher solves this issue by crushing up to a kilo of boilies in one go – perfect for anglers seeking to diversify their freebies.

Using the system is incredibly simple. Lift the crusher lid, pour in up to a kilo of your chosen boilies, close the lid, and begin cranking the stainless steel handle. The rotating blades will chop the boilies, collecting the crushed bait in the modular bucket system below. RidgeMonkey recommends alternating rotation direction every few turns for optimal crushing results, achieving a kilo of crushed boilies in under a minute.

The Boilie Crusher's stainless steel handle is not only exceptionally durable but also fully removable, ensuring easy transportation and preventing accidental blade rotation in transit. The blades themselves are also stainless steel, guaranteeing long-lasting sharpness and performance, even when chopping tough bait like tiger nuts. The uneven blade spacing creates an irregular coarse crumb, encouraging carp to forage for longer. If a finer crumb is desired, simply run the bait through the system again. The Boilie Crusher's transparent lid allows you to monitor the remaining bait to be crushed.

Included with the RidgeMonkey Boilie Crusher Full Set is a sturdy drawstring carry bag for convenient transportation. For dedicated carp anglers seeking new bait solutions, this is the ideal tool to enhance your fishing experience.

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