Savage Gear HD8 Silencer Braid

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Key Features

  • Round &Silk-smooth
  • Super Silent formula
  • Ultra-abrasion resistant
  • Incredible strength
  • Zero stretch
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54807 Weight: 10lb / 4.7kg, Length: 120m, Diameter: 0.09mm
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54816 Weight: 27lb / 12.2kg, Length: 300m, Diameter: 0.19mm
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54808 Weight: 13lb / 6.3kg, Length: 120m, Diameter: 0.12mm
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54817 Weight: 38lb / 17kg, Length: 300m, Diameter: 0.23mm
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54815 Weight: 20lb / 9kg, Length: 300m, Diameter: 0.15mm
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RRP: £44.99 Saving 42%

54809 Weight: 20lb / 9kg, Length: 120m, Diameter: 0.15mm
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54810 Weight: 27lb / 12.2kg, Length: 120m, Diameter: 0.19mm
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54811 Weight: 38lb / 17kg, Length: 120m, Diameter: 0.23mm
Out of stock
54812 Weight: 58lb / 26kg, Length: 120m, Diameter: 0.28mm
Out of stock
55297 Weight: 80lb / 36.3kg, Length: 120m, Diameter: 0.40mm
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Tell Me About It

This precision pitch braid line from Savage Gear is ultra abrasion resistant, with an incredible strength that's perfect for all your angling needs, especially predator fishing.

Offering a super silent, silky-smooth cast, and with a dynamic and durable PE coating, this no-stretch line is tight enough to get you out of the tightest spots, even with a fighting fish on the end of it.

Whatever you need from your fishing line, Savage Gear's HD8 Silencer Braid more than delivers. Infused with silicone for durable flexibility, if you want to achieve the best possible predator fishing results, this is the line you need.

What Discipline Is It For?

This line is perfect for predator fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

Investing in a line that is designed to perform is the first step to achieving your angling ambitions. Whatever those ambitions are for you, HD8 from Savage Gear is the line for you, giving you strength, resistance, and a dynamic hold you have to feel to believe. Think of it as a silver bullet for your predator fishing, and you'll start to see why this silencer braid is rapidly becoming a go-to option among serious anglers.

What's The Best Thing About It?

Dynamic, precision performance.

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