Savage Gear Sandeel Lure

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Key Features

  • Action Type: vertical fishing, trolling, swimbait
  • Customized Japanese Forged Carbon hooks
  • Real Sandeel swimming action and profile
  • Individual Pack Qty: 2 Bodies &1 Head
  • Superb for Seabass, Cod, Pollack and any other Prey hunting Predators
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42214 Length: 16cm, Weight: 42g, Colour: Blue Silver
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42203 Length: 12.5cm, Weight: 23g, Colour: Blue Silver
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37566 Length: 16cm, Weight: 42g, Colour: Sandeel
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40892 Length: 12.5cm, Weight: 23g, Colour: Sandeel
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40895 Length: 12.5cm, Weight: 23g, Colour: Real Pearl
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Savage Gear Sandeel

Savage Gear is made up of a team of worldwide anglers with an intense desire to take down the largest and most impressive predatory fish in the water, which translates into their impressive baits and lures. They claim to be more about the total control and domination of a water body rather than a calm day spent fishing. With hundreds of thousands of hours of experience on the bank, this has certainly come in handy when designing their outstanding and savage lures. You’ll be reeling in the biggest predators in the water in no time with Savage Gear’s fantastically realistic sandeels.

This remarkable lure is Savage Gear’s first ever 100% saltwater specific lure; making it an absolutely superb choice for you if you prefer to target seabass, cod, pollack or just about any other prey hunting predator. It has been designed specifically for vertical fishing but it can also be used as a swimbait and even for trolling, which makes these sandeels incredibly versatile and a definite asset to your predator fishing experience.

The perfect supernatural sandeel imitation design of these lures is a huge benefit to predator fish anglers. Sandeel is a key and vital prey fish and all species of saltwater predators love them and will therefore be drawn to your lure and hook. Rather than relying on attractants that can fade after a long day of fishing, your target fish will be drawn to the physical appearance of your lure instead, so its appeal to the predators won’t reduce or diminish over extended periods of time. What’s more, these lures have been decorated using a unique “under skin” painting technique which makes each lure look even more lifelike and therefore more attractive and convincing to predators.

Savage Gear doesn’t just rely on its own expertise, but takes on the guidance from other experienced anglers as well. For instance, the chosen colours for these lures are based on inputs from the most successful guides in the Nordic saltwater guiding business. Its willingness to adapt and take on board other anglers’ ideas improves the design of its products greatly and makes them the best they can be, thanks to their extensive research and development into creating the most useful products for anglers like themselves who want to reel in the biggest predators around.

The quality of these sandeel lures is astounding and top of the market. They come with customised, top quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater grade hooks. The superiority of this material is practically unbeatable; it makes the hooks and therefore the lure able to endure and withstand brutal attacks from aggressive predators and land them as well. Not only will the sandeel bring the predators to you, but their premium craftsmanship ensures that you will be able to bank them too, so there’s no time to waste in getting your rod out.

The realistic aspect of these lures doesn’t just stop at their appearance, the way they move is accurate to many predator’s favourite prey fish to. They have real sandeel swimming action and profile; this deceives predator fish into thinking they are in fact real sandeels, and therefore greatly improves your chances of getting one on your hook. They are also soft-bodied so when a predator bites, no debris will fall into the water thanks to the sturdiness of the material.

One pack comes with two bodies and one head which is more than enough to reel in the largest predators in your area, whether you want seabass, cod or pollack.

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