Sensas Tracix Colour Additive

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Key Features

  • Non-soluble
  • Increases attraction properties of most baits
  • Suitable for short &long session baits
  • Ideal for Pop Ups &bottom baits
  • Can be used in various concentrations
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Sensas Tracix Colour Additive, This bait dye has been very successful in both the UK and Europe. It enables you to give a stronger and brighter colour to your bait and increase the attraction properties. Tracix Black: Black and ideal for colouring your groundbait in winter, especially when fishing for Roach. Tracix Yellow: Yellow, for big fish on the bottom, and Bleak at the surface. Tracix Red: Red and perfect for colouring your groundbait throughout the year. Good for Roach and Chub. Tracix White: White, for Carp and Bream on the bottom, and small fish at the surface. Tracix Brown: For a start of the season for Roach, Bream and Bleak where there are predators about. Tracix Orange: Use in summer for big fish.

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