Shakespeare Agility LRF Rod

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Key Features

  • Slim Carbon Blank
  • Zirconium Oxide Guides (ZOG)
  • Comfortable ergonomically shaped reel seat
  • Sensitive built in quiver tips
  • Spigot Joints
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1323404 Casting Weight: 0.5/7g, Length: 6FT 9INCH
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1323405 Casting Weight, 5/15g, Length: 7FT
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If you’re an avid sea angler then you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘light rock fishing’ with increasing regularity over recent years. In fact, far more than just a fad, light rock fishing has been one of the fastest-growing areas of the sport in recent years. Anglers around the globe have been trying out this sport, which originated on the Japanese coastline, with ever-increasing success – particularly since rod and tackle manufacturers have caught onto this trend and have now started producing tackle that is purpose-designed for light rock fishing. Dainty yet durable, light rock fishing tackle has to offer the perfect balance between sensitivity and fish playing style and this Shakespeare Agility LRF rod hits the nail on the head.

There are two Shakespeare LRF rods in this new facet of the Agility saltwater range. The first of these is 6ft 9 inches and it offers a very delicate casting range of between 05g and 7g. This makes this rod the perfect tool for tackling the most dainty and easily spooked of all the light rock fish. The second rod in the range is 7ft in length. However, the real difference between these rods is in their casting ranges. This 7ft rod is optimised to cast between 5g and 15g when matched with the correct LRF rod and reel combo. Still very delicate compared to most lure fishing rods, this rod is able to tackle the slightly larger fish that you might encounter when you’re light rock fishing. Together these rods are able to give you the freedom to perform across a huge variety of light rock fishing scenarios.

Both of the rods offer blacks which are both slim and incredibly lightweight. The tip sections of the lrf rod are supple and highly responsive, allowing you to detect even the most delicate of bites, and the power of the rod phases through to your hand to allow you to respond with agility. This also allows you to work lures with minimal hand movement, giving you huge control over your terminal tackle.

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