Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter

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Key Features

  • Sturdy, lightweight shelter
  • Fully waterproof, strong nylon outer
  • Easy to assemble, about a minute with practice
  • Large base flaps with strong 'eyelets'
  • Wide front for quick entry and exit
  • Central section with a 'flat' roof
  • Wide enough for two people
  • Folds down to 110cm x 32cm 30cm
  • Supplied with a bag

If you’re looking for a surf fishing shelter which is both sturdy and lightweight then you need look no further than the Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter. Available in a brilliant bright blue, this is one shelter which really has been designed with the sea fishing angler in mind. As such, it offers an exceptionally quick erection and, with a little practice, you’ll be able to pop this shelter up in less than a minute without any problems. It is equally as speedy to pack down and the shelter comes supplied in its own carry bag. With dimensions of only 110cm x 32cm x 30cm, it won’t take up loads of space in your boot and it is easily transported to and from the bank. This leaves your hands free from the rest of your gear.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this shelter is its deep, flat top. Shelters are designed to protect you from the elements and this Shakespeare Salt XT does just that by allowing you sit as far back as you like whilst still enjoying a good view over the water. This means that you can benefit from the full protection of the shelter whilst keeping an eye on your rod tips in case of any action. A shelter without a flat top, or a shelter that is less deep, would not be able to offer you these two vital features in tandem and it is this that really sets this beach shelter apart from the many others on the market. The Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter is wide, too, and it ideal for sheltering two people at once. This means that two anglers can sit comfortably protected against the wind and rain whilst still being able to watch their rods. It also means that, should you want to bring a friend to the bank for the company, you can both shelter under the same canopy without feeling hemmed in or cramped.

Another feature that really solidifies the Shakespeare Salt Beach Rest is its wide skirting. This is because the team at Shakespeare know that you’re most likely to want to use this shelter in windy conditions. Many beach shelters offer highly restricted use in high winds, due to their tall and unbalanced design. This is not a problem with the Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter as the wide skirting means that you can really anchor the shelter down, piling on rocks and sand in order to ensure that it isn’t at risk of blowing away in the wind. What’s more, this wide skirt is also fitted with strong eyelets. These are perfect for pegging down the shelter on the appropriate ground, giving you additional structural security when you need it the most.

As you will have come to expect from a Shakespeare product, the Salt XT Beach Shelter is not only lightweight but it is also incredibly hard wearing. This means that you can use it to see you through season after season, without worrying that it will let you down when you need it the most. What’s more, the Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter also offers exceptional value for money – another feature which is characteristic of the Shakespeare brand. This means that, whether you’re a life long saltwater angler or you’re someone who is just getting into the sport, you can enjoy the shelter of a top quality Shakespeare product no matter your budget.

The Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter comes in a stunning royal blue colour, so it’ll look great no matter what stretch of coastline you are looking to target. You'll find a review of this product on Total Sea Fishing Magazine.

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