Shakespeare Seat Box Trolley

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Key Features

  • Easy to load and pull
  • Wide tyres
  • Soft handle grip

Shakespeare Seat Box Trolley

How many times have you struggled down to your peg with your cumbersome, but essential, seat box, resenting that you have to bring it with you? With Shakespeare’s Seat Box Trolley this awkward and exhausting trek is a thing of the past. Offering you a simple solution to a decades-old problem, the Shakespeare Seat Box Trolley is quick and easy to load and straightforward to use. Simply load your seat box onto the trolley and go! The Shakespeare Seat Box Trolley is compatible with most modern seat box setups, but please do check your product specifications prior to purchase.

Unlike other seat box trolleys on the market, Shakespeare’s Seat Box Trolley features an additional bottom bar that rests on the ground when the trolley is in the upright loading position. This stops the trolley from unbalancing during the loading and unloading process, preventing any unfortunate bankside accidents. This also allows you to store the trolley upright when not in use. This is especially vital, as not only does this save space in your garage or shed but it also removes the potential hazard of tripping over the prone trolley – which is hazardous at the best of times but could result in a nasty bankside accident. Shakespeare’s Seat Box Trolley boasts two high quality extra wide tyres. This stops the trolley from sinking into damp ground and soft mud, ensuring maximum manoeuvrability even in the harshest of conditions. This is ideal for the angler who likes to be able to enjoy pole fishing throughout the year, come rain or shine, as it ensures that it is easy to transport your seat box to the bank even in wet or otherwise inclement weather. What’s more, this trolley has been fitted with a soft handle grip. This ensures that this trolley is exceptionally easy to pull, even over rough or bumpy terrain, and makes the walk to your peg enjoyable rather than a chore. After all, nothing is worse than arriving at your peg for a hard day of match fishing already completely exhausted from the journey between your car boot and the river or lake bank.

Although this Seat Box Trolley has been designed with the transportation of seat boxes in mind, there is no reason why you can’t use it to transport a whole number of tackle items down to the bank. You can load this trolley up with a variety of luggage items, including bait boxes and water bottles, to make transporting all your awkward and heavy tackle down to the bank quick and easy. By purchasing bungee chords (available separately) you are able to attach any number of vital tackle items to your trolley. Ideal for coarse and match fishing venues up and down the country, the Seat Box Trolley from Shakespeare is the perfect tackle transportation solution.

Shakespeare was established in 1897 and, as such, is one of the oldest tackle companies to still be in operation today. As a company it is most famous for its manufacture of low-price high-value products – or, in other words, products that make a real difference on the bank but that won’t stretch your purse-strings too tightly. This is because the brand is committed to enabling anglers of all ages, abilities, and budgets to enjoy the very best that the sport has to offer.

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