Skee-Tex Field Boot Replacement Liners

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Key Features

  • Replacement inner boot liners
  • 100% Wool inner
  • Aluminium outer layer for extra warmth
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Skee-Tex Field Boot Replacement Liners

Nothing is more disappointing than realising that the lining of your favourite pair of field boots has worn through – especially if you’re on the bank when you have this realisation! Not only does this mean that your feet are more likely to suffer from the cold but it also means that you have to invest a potentially significant amount of money in buying new boots. For many anglers, this is an expense which they simply cannot afford – especially at short notice. Luckily, with these replacement boot liners from Skee-Tex, you no-longer have to worry about your boots wearing thin ever again!

These Replacement Liners have been designed to fit snugly into the Skee-Tex Field Boots, but you could fit them into any boot with tired or worn out lining (please check product specifications before purchase). Extremely warm, these Skee Tex Field Boot Replacement Liners are fitted with an insulating fleece lining. However, this isn’t the only insulating feature that these Replacement Liners can offer. In fact, they also have been fitted with an aluminium layer to ensure they trap as much heat as possible. Aluminium is incredibly effective as an insulator – so much so that NASA used the material in the early designs of their space suits. This is because it reflects heat rays and when used in the lining of the boot it prevents heat from escaping out of the shoe. Rather than simply slowing the release of hot air, like other insulators, it actually reflects it back into the boot. By trapping heat inside your boot you can ensure that you won’t experience numb feet – even in sub-zero temperatures. Skee-Tex is a dedicated cold weather brand and as such it understands just how miserable a day can be if you’re sat, shivering, with cold toes. You’ll be well aware that a cold and uncomfortable angler will never perform as well as a warm and comfortable one. This is why it is uniquely vital to ensure that your extremities are kept toasty at all times on the bank.

To use the Skee-Tex Field Boot Replacement Liner, simply remove the tired or worn liner from your Skee-Tex Field Boots. Then simply insert the Replacement Liner into the boot. Skee-Tex recommends putting the boot on and walking in it for a few moments to ensure that the Replacement Liner is properly positioned in the boot. Please note that the boot may feel slightly tighter than it did – this is simply because the lining has not been flattened by the shape of your foot. After a few wear this lining will begin to flatten and compact, giving you your desired fit. Please do check the size of your boot before purchasing the Replacement Liner, as the two need to be the same size to ensure a good fit. There are Skee-Tex Field Boot Replacement Liners available for all the most popular boot sizes, including European sizes 41 through to 46 (UK sizes seven to 11). You’ll notice that the top section of the boot has a faux-fur outer. Approximately 1 inch of this should sit proud from the top of the boot, completing the look whilst also preventing cold draughts from entering the shoe.

In order to ensure that you’re faced with numb toes on the bank, Skee-Tex recommends that you purchase a replacement boot liner before you notice your boot wearing through. Replacing the liners of your boots regularly also ensures that you can enjoy maximum insulation, keeping your feet warm and comfortable in order to ensure that you can focus your full attention on your rod tips and bite indicators.


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