Skee-Tex Super Camo Fur Hat

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Key Features

  • Thermal hat with ear flaps
  • Completely waterproof
  • Fur lined
  • Camo colour
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Skee-Tex Super Camo Fur Hat,

The dedicated angler doesn’t let a little bit of wind, rain, or even snow get in the way of a good time at the bank. After all, it is often in these most adverse of conditions that you end up getting the captures which go down in your personal angling history. However, when it is grim outside and you’re stood facing a blank, it can be tempting just to call it a day, pack up, and return home. If there is one thing that all anglers know, it’s that the best way to ensure that you don’t catch is to arrive on the bank unprepared and leave early. Angling preparation doesn’t only apply to the tackle that you bring down to the water’s edge – it also applies to your clothing choices. Standing on the bank freezing cold and soaking wet is a sure fire way to keep you distracted from the job at hand and packing up before your session has even really started. Luckily, this is where brands such as Skee-Tex come in. As the name suggests, Skee-Tex is a cold-weather clothing expert. It is a premier supplier of cold-weather sports clothing and its high quality clothing solutions are especially popular on the Alpine slopes. The brand also manufactures a whole host of clothing designed with angling in mind and this Skee-Tex Super Camo Fur Hat is one such item.

Firstly, you’ll notice that this hat has been finished with an ultra-carpy camouflage pattern. This ensures that this hat can perfectly complement the rest of the clothing in your angling arsenal and it will look great paired with any number of waterproof jackets, hoodies, or other items of carp fishing clothing. The faux fur on this hat is brown and black in colour. Not only does this give it the appearance of authentic fur but it also complements the camouflage finish, too.

The faux fur on the hand is for much more than simply cosmetic reasons. Fur is highly insulating as it has lots of fine fibres, creating a plethora of miniature heat-trapping air pockets. Although the rumours that you lose 60% of your body heat from your head might not be accurate (in truth, depending on how thick your hair is, you lose roughly the amount of heat form your head as you do from any other part of your body) it certainly makes the world of difference to your overall warmth and comfort if your head is covered. The faux fur on this winter hat traps any heat you do lose to your scalp, preserving your core temperature for longer. The entirety of this hat has also been additionally insulated, further trapping head heat to you and preventing the incursion of any cold air.

However, it isn’t only the material of this hat which aids its thermal properties. In fact, the cut of this hat has also been designed to prevent loss of hot air and the incursion of cold. The hat comes down low around you neck, preventing any nasty draughts on this delicate part of your body where a gap may otherwise form between the collar of your jacket and the base of your hat. The hat has also been fitted with long ear flaps. A cold wind around your ears can be painful – not least if you’re prone to earaches or ear infections. These ear flaps add additional insulation around your ears and prevent cold air incursion.

Finally, you’ll be pleased to note that this hat is completely waterproof. The Great British weather has a penchant for rain, so it pays to be prepared for everything from a little light drizzle through to a torrential downpour. 

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