Snowbee Filleting Glove

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Key Features

  • Made from a cut-resistant stainless-steel core
  • Wrapped with an interwoven polyester and vinyl material
  • Provides a firm grip on any slippery fish or meat
  • Designed to reduce accidental cut damage
  • They are stain and moisture resistant
  • Dishwasher and washing machine safe
  • Can be worn on left or right hand
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We have all been in the situation of trying to deal with a slippery fish while using a sharp filleting knife; a recipe for disaster! Snowbee's new filleting glove solves the problem, giving you better protection against accidental cuts, whilst being comfortable to wear, and easy to keep in the best possible condition.

A high-quality fish handling glove made from a cut-resistant stainless steel core, wrapped with interwoven polyester and vinyl, this sea and game angling essential offers a firm grip on any fish or meat, reducing the risk of accidental cuts and injuries. Stain and moisture resistant, these gloves are dishwasher and washing machine safe making them easy to clean, and allowing you to use them regularly whilst ensuring top quality hygiene. The glove can be worn on  the left or right hand, making them suitable for any angler.


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