Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown 2 Floating Braided Core Line

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Key Features

  • One of the best fly lines on the market
  • Effortless distance casting with minimal back cast
  • 60ft
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SPFL-WF2/5TD Size: WF2/5
SPFL-WF5/7TD Size: WF5/7

Awesome. Stunning. Wow. These are just some of the words used to describe the new Thistledown Nano Technology fly lines, rated one of the best fly lines ever produced, and have a habit of producing a smile with every cast. Typical jaw dropping reaction comes when people first cast this fly line... immediately followed by a huge smile! Snowbee have gone one better, producing a new braided core version, even more superior in performance with small welded loops at both ends and added a new #5-#7 line to extend the amazing performance up to heavier weighted rods.

Understanding how it works is another story because when it states #2-5wt, there really is only one single line that can and does function amazingly on all weight rods, whether they be a #2, #3, #4 or #5wt! Now there is also the single #5-#7wl. line that again achieves the same across #5, #6 and #7wt rods too... How? It comes down to simple physics and the optimum diameter and profile creates hardly any drag when casting. That means the 'load weight' factor becomes less critical to casting performance and the nominated rod weight becomes less important in achieving the cast. The new and refined components for these lines, being Core, Primer and Nano-Tec coating, combine to give the thinnest, most supple, weight forward profile possible.

They still weigh very little but deliver incredible stealth and accuracy at the same time. The silky-smooth finish and thin diameter means the line speed can be maintained throughout the casting action and delivers the fly precisely where required, with minimum effort. Even across a gale force wind this line has been used to great effect and will cut through almost any breeze with its low drag coefficient. Thistledown was primarily designed for river and light fishing on small stillwaters but is now a regular companion on almost any venue where an angler needs lightweight finesse, stealth, and accuracy.

For the heavier performance longer leader, heavier flies set up, associated with still water fishing, there is now the Thistledown in the heavier #5-#7wt option. Both the lines are two-tone in colour featuring a Shamrock Olive head with Buckskin running line. This line has proved astounding so far,  receiving countless rave reviews since being awarded Best New Fly Line in Europe at EFTTEX 2014.  

If you want to feel the performance for yourself, order the Snowbee XS Plus Thistldown today.

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