Solar P1 Stage Stands

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Key Features

  • Precision-engineered in the UK
  • Come as a complete kit
  • Made from high-grade stainless steel
  • Featuring the P1 5-Spoke knurling
  • Front and back stage stand insert features as machined flat
  • Coupled with drop-in buzz bar attachment
  • Compatible with all Solar buzz bars and most buzz bars
  • This gives a rock-solid, anti-twist stage stand set up
  • Supplied in a zipped, fabric case
  • The ultra-low front stage stand allows a low-profile set up
  • All Solar banksticks fit into the larger, rear stage stand as well

Precision engineered in the UK, this is a complete kit that offers full functionality and flexibility in terms of fishing staging.  Manufactured from high grade stainless steel, the Solar P1 Stage Stands are machined flat front and back, and feature P1 5-Spoke knurling, which gives a solid, stable, anti-twist set up for this rod staging.

With an ultra low front stage, this set up allows for low profile fishing, making the Solar Stage ideal for secluded banks and sheltered swims.

This set up comes complete with a drop in buzz bar attachment, and is compatible with all Solar buzz bars, and most buzz bars offered  by other brands, and all Solar bank sticks can be accommodated by the larger rear stage stand. This is a complete bankside set up that offers flexibility and performance for carp anglers of all levels, and on almost any bankside, and comes in its own zipped case for complete protection in transit and in storage.

The ability to fish with a multiple rod set up that can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit bankside and water conditions, as well as your own fishing style, is a definite boon for carp anglers.  Carp are intelligent, wily, naturally cautious fish, and their pursuit is a game of strategy, requiring forethought, and ensuring that every angle and eventuality is covered.

Established in 1987, Solar Tackle has been described as the Mercedes Benz of carp angling tackle, with a reputation for quality, performance, and service that has made Solar Tackle one of the backbone brands of the carp fishing community.

Carp angling is a precision sport, and Solar create precision equipment; this brand really is the perfect match for your angling lifestyle. If you're looking for flexibility, performance, reliability and value for money, then Solar should definitely be a the top of your list.

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