Sonik SK-TEK 2 Man Bivvy Wrap

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Key Features

  • Reduces condensation
  • Increases heat retention in cold and damp conditions
  • 5,000mm HH 210 PU backed polyester
  • Two front side wings provide additional storage space
  • Velcro rod retainers and roll back open front option
  • Supplied with oversize carry bag and heavy-duty T-Pegs
  • Assembled: W 3.05m x D 3.10m x H 1.53m
  • Transport: L 0.60m x D 0.18m
  • Weight: 2.4kg

Tell Me About It

Giving you an extra layer of weatherproof protection, condensation reduction, and warmth for your Sonik SK-TEK 2-Man Bivvy, the Sonik SK-TEK 2-Man Bivvy Wrap features  a 5,000mm hydrostatic head, and 210D PU backed polyester, ensuring you stay warm and dry, and your bivvy is equipped to handle the worse of the bankside elements, while two front side wings increase the weather-protected storage capacity of your bivvy, and are an ideal option for storing boots, waders, and waterproof clothing.

Supplied with a roll-back door option, so you can have the front of your bivvy completely open, and with an oversize carry bag and heavy duty T pegs included, this is a practical, durable addition to your Sonik bivvy.

What Discipline Is It For?

As with the Sonik bivvy, this bivvy wrap is ideal for coarse and carp anglers.

Why Should I Buy It?

Adding an overwrap to your bivvy gives you the additional warmth and damp-proof protection you need to keep fishing during the cooler autumn and winter months, when carp water landscapes can be at their most stunning, and the art of angling comes into its own, as you try and tempt sluggish fish into showing some action.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The added functionality a bivvy overwrap provides allows you explore everything that carp angling has to offer, and frees your fishing from being an exclusively warmer-weather pursuit.

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