Sonik SK-TEK Net Float

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Key Features

  • HD 600D PVC Backed SK-TEK Camo material
  • Ultra-buoyant
  • Elastic net retainer
  • Night-sight reflective patch
  • Dimensions: L 22cm x W 7cm

Tell Me About It

Backed with 600D PVC, this ultra buoyant Net Float allows for an effortless retrieve, while reflective strips allow you to easily use your net floats during overnight sessions. The Sonik Net Float fits easily on most landing nets, and makes it easy to move your net through any kind of water, including fast-flowing rivers such as the Trent, giving you the optimium fishing experience session after session.

What Discipline Is It For?

 Perfect for carp anglers, this net float makes bringing in your catch smooth, easy, and safe for the fish.

Why Should I Buy It?

Having a net float makes it easier to reach fish in deeper water, allowing you to land a fish that might otherwise have become distressed, or thrown the hook. A landing net fitted wiht floats also allows for returns to deeper water, which is better for large fish, as the depth allows them more time to recover.

What's The Best Thing About It?

Night visibility is an important attribute for fishing tackle, especially landing nets, as you don't want to compromise the safety of the fish you've caught during an otherwise enjoyable overnighter.

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