Starbaits Expert Landing Net

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Key Features

  • Carbon handle and arms
  • Handle length: 1.80m
  • Arm length: 1.15m
  • Net width: 1.20m
  • Depth of net: 1.05m
  • Aluminium spreader block
  • Metal reinforcing on each net arm
  • Integral float on the net

Starbaits Expert Landing Net

The first thing you’ll notice about the Starbaits Expert Landing Net is its unique diamond design. This is a far cry form the traditional flat fronted carp fishing nets that have commonly graced the modern angling market and it forms the perfect compromise between the triangle net and the classic pan-shaped scoop net. The Starbaits Expert Landing Net boasts a 1.8m handle, which ensures that you can target the vast majority of swims with complete confidence. The arms of the net are impressive 1.15m, giving the net a width of 1.2m at its widest point. Combine this with a 1.05m depth and you’re left with a net that is large enough to comfortably house the most monstrous of the UK’s carp.

Both the arms and the handle of the Starbaits Expert Landing Net have been manufactured from carbon, ensuring their impressively light weight and high tensile strength. The arms of the net have been additionally reinforced with metal. This further increases the strength of the net and it ensures that you can confidently raise your catch up and out of the water. The arms are held in precision position by an aluminium spreader block, which is highly resistant to torque and ensures that your net is structurally sound. Uniquely, this net has been fitted with an integral float. This sits at the very base of the handle, just above the spreader block, supporting the weight of the net in the water. This is essential, as large nets like this can often become waterlogged and heavy. A net float counteracts this perfectly, improving the nets mobility in the water and ensuring that it doesn’t sink whilst you’re wading out to net a catch. If you’re looking for a deep and strong net that can contend with the vast majority of the UK’s carp fishing then you need look no further than the Starbaits Expert Landing Net.

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