Starbaits Signal Boilies

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Key Features

  • Good source of food
  • Rich natural taste
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • Added oyster &egg shell for optimum crunch factor
  • Includes crayfish meal &bloodworm extracts
  • Encourages healthy growth &tissue repair
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Starbaits Signal Boilies, Starbaits Signal is the new generation concept boilie from Starbaits. During field-testing over the last 18 months some extraordinary results have been achieved, both during the summer and the winter alike. Signals principal objective is to create the same feeding response seen from the carp when crayfish shed their shells. Those of you who have seen how preoccupied carp become on crayfish when they become soft after shedding their shells to grow bigger, will know what Starbaits have aimed to achieve. They have been working with scientific researches to find the amino complex that is given off when the crays carryout the molting" process. These amino acids enter the water and trigger the frantic feeding response seen in the carp. Starbaits like to call this the Signal. The Signal is formulated with larger particles of Oyster and egg shell to optimise the crunch factor, crayfish meal, bloodworm extract and advanced liquid formulations found in Japan, therefore recreating the crayfish phenomenon whilst also providing the carp with a good source of food for growth enhancement and tissue repair.

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