TF Gear Airflow Fishing Bivvy Wrap MK3

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Key Features:

  • 100% waterproof.
  • Provides twin skin protection
  • Helps to improve warmth
  • Reduces condensation
  • Extended porch
  • Delivers valuable extra storage
  • Mosquito mesh door
  • Clear storm door included
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TFG-AIRFLO-MK3-WRAP1 TF Gear Airflow Bivvy Wrap MK3, Size: 1 Man
TFG-AIRFLO-MK3-WRAP2 TF Gear Airflow Bivvy Wrap MK3, Size: 2 Man

TF Gear, otherwise known as Total Fishing Gear are creators of innovative fishing tackle for carp and coarse anglers. With their headquarters located in Wales, TFGear can provide anglers of the UK with products that suit the British climate and waters.

Completely different from the standard metal pole structures bivvies and shelters, the Airflo range offers a bivvy constructed with ‘air poles’ for a quicker setup. This TF Gear Airflow Bivvy Wrap MK3 offers an extra layer to the TF Gear Airflo Bivvy Mk3 and comes in two size options to fit either the 1 man or 2 man-sized bivvies.

With the addition of an Airflow overwrap fitted to your bivvy, you will have the complete all-season system for all year round use, withstanding all the climates. During freezing winter sessions the overwrap creates an insulating barrier to retain the precious warmth coming off your little bivvy heater and when battling prolonged torrential rains the overwrap will provide an extra skin to act as a rain shield as the wrap is 100% waterproof.

When fishing in spring and autumn seasons, the TFG bivvy wrap offers a twin skin effect will significantly reduce condensation, avoiding mould or damage to the bivvy material. This wrap will also assist with keeping your living area cool and comfortable.

The Airflo MK3 overwrap also creates an extended porch that provides an invaluable storage area for wet clothing, boots and other luggage items that you are keeping separate from your clean-living area but are still ensuring they are close during your session.


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