TF Gear

TF Gear, otherwise known as Total Fishing Gear are creators of innovative fishing tackle for carp and coarse anglers. With their headquarters located in Wales, TFGear can provide anglers of the UK with products that suit the British climate and waters.  The TFG name is synonymous with quality as every item is produced to an exacting standard. TF Gear products are field tested by leading anglers, such as Dave Lane and Alan Yates. Total Fishing Gear designs are innovated to offer exciting ranges of high-performance fishing tackle and clothing, to the Carp, Coarse and Sea anglers of the UK.

Anglers inspire TFG to make the very best products, from the extreme range casting on vast waters to the delicate float tactics on silver streams and flowing rivers. Total Fishing Gear is for those who want that little bit extra from life, those that are always seeking perfection, for those who will never accept second place. TF Gear pride themselves on providing anglers with the very best fishing tackle for the job.

The TF Gear range of fishing equipment covers a wide range of items. Some of the bestselling products a range of Carp Rods such as the excellent TFG fishing Banshee Carp Rods and the ever-popular Compact Commercial Fishing Rod, a fishing rod that lets you fish any water with any technique, all in one rod. TF Gear also have a few attractive reels from the DL Black Edition Spod Reel to the TF Gear Airlite Free Spool reel. From carp to coarse, TFG have a reel that will suit the specimen you are after.

 TF Gear also have an impressive range of bivvies available for the avid carp angler. The Force 8 Bivvy Lite comes in both 1 man or 2 man options and is popular for its simple to set up, quick to peg out, getting you fishing with minimum fuss. The Force 8 is dedicated to the long session anglers, hardened winter carpers, quick overnighters and weekend anglers can all confidently rely on the robust, full protection. The durable Force Lite keeps you fishing in any weather. To go along with the bivvy, TF fishing Gear do some great bed chairs too and all can be carried on the TF Gear Banshee Barrow.

 For carp anglers frustrated with carps adapting to the conventional baiting patters, the TFG Airbomb is a trendy tool used for 'Shotgun Baiting'. The remarkable device allows you to control your baiting patterns like never before thanks to its unique mid-air opening action feature. Tight baiting, spread baiting, snag baiting, floater baiting Airbomb allows you to do it all. TFG have also evolved the usual demands of fishing essentials with the Fishspy technology.

For a brand set on finding new and inventive ways to improve the angling experience of coarse and carp anglers, TFG Gear keep angler on their toes with their exciting products.

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