Thinking Anglers Elastic Tip Top

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Key Features

  • Two padded tip tops
  • Connected with a length of elastic
  • Which prevents you losing one or the other
  • They will protect your rod at both ends
  • Secures and holds them together

Thinking Anglers Elastic Tip Top

If you’re an angler who likes to travel light on the bank – whether that is because you’re a mobile carp angler who likes to be able to move between swims or you’re a stalking predator hunter who follows the fish – then chances are you’ll be more than familiar with the issue of keeping your rods protected. Obviously you don’t want to leave your rods completely unprotected as they form a key element of your angling arsenal. However, rod holdalls and even rod sleeves can often be bulky and cumbersome to carry around – not to mention the fact that you have to spend all that time zipping and unzipping them on the bank in order to access or tidy your gear. When you’re enjoying the kind of fast paced angling which comes from mobility, you need a rod protection solution that is quick, easy, and hard wearing. This is where Thinking Anglers have stepped in.

The Thinking Anglers Elastic Tip Top ensures that you can transport your rods down to the bank easily. Both lightweight and compact, this Elastic Tip Top keeps your rod tips and butts perfectly protected from the worst bumps and scrapes which you could encounter on the way to and from the water’s edge. Padded, to ensure that they can offer the kind of protection that you’ll demand, these tip and butt protectors keep the most delicate elements of your rod safe. However, what really sets these Tip Tops apart from other tip and butt protectors on the market is the length of elastic which joins the two together. Whereas, with other similar products, you’d spend hours rummaging around to find the complementary tip protector to your butt protector, with the Thinking Anglers Elastic Tip Tops you never have to worry about this. This saves you time both on and off the bank, ensuring that you can focus on your fishing rather than your luggage. The elastic also ensures that you can fit these Tip Tops over any length rod, whether you enjoy fishing with a 10ft setup or a 13ft one. Each pouch of the Thinking Anglers Elastic Tip Top is 20cm in length. This ensures that the majority of your tip and butt section are completely protected, keeping your rods in great nick throughout your use.

Thinking Anglers is a brand which was founded on the ethos of brain power. Established in 2005 by friends Ben Hamilton and Steve Fantauzzi, the brand prides itself on designing tackle for the mobile angler who doesn’t want to be bogged down with a whole host of kit. Both Ben and Steve had a background in the angling industry before founding Thinking Anglers together. Steve worked at a popular angling centre for almost two decades, where he developed an intimate knowledge of the changing nature of anglers needs. Ben, on the other hand, is a well respected big fish angler with an eye for quality. Bringing their skills together with Thinking Anglers was a pairing made in fishing heaven – ensuring they have the scope for innovation as well as the exacting standards needed to ensure their practicality on the bank. It might seem remarkable today, but these Elastic Tip Tops were actually the first of their kind when they were initially manufactured and many angling companies have since gone on to imitate the brand’s original design. If you’re looking for innovative and practical products which have been designed with the mobile angler in mind then you need look no further than the impressive product range from Thinking Anglers.

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