Trakker Cayman Pro Bivvy

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Key Features

  • Two-rib, two-break system, quick-to-erect bivvy
  • Clever design maximises internal space
  • Lightweight and compact shelter
  • Peak to front of bivvy
  • Front and rear rod straps
  • Interlocking frame-support system
  • Sides can be rolled back and clipped in place
  • Dual-zipped doors, allowing you to create a letterbox opening
  • Roll-up mozzie window in door
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet
  • Tension strap
  • Heavy-duty T-pegs
  • Zipped NXG carrybag
  • Dimensions: (W) 260cm x (D) 205cm x (H) 122cm
  • Weight: 5.3kg
  • Please Note: Does not come with chain links in poles

Trakker Cayman Pro Bivvy

If you’re an angler who likes your bivvy to be quick to erect, compact in size, and have enough internal space to swing a cat, the Trakker Cayman Pro Bivvy is the ideal option for you. It is built around a classic two rib and two break system. This is a design that is favoured among the producers of compact bivvies as it affords maximum internal space whilst maintaining a minute footprint – perfect for anglers who are seeking to target fish in compact swims. The Cayman Pro offers dimensions of 260cm x 205cm, ensuring that it is long enough to house a top end bedchair whilst still being deep enough for the rest of your gear, including your cooking equipment, clothing options, and other luggage. The Cayman Pro has a height of 122cmm, too, which means that you won’t hit your head if you sit up abruptly in your bedchair as a response to your wailing bite alarm.

The two break construction of the Cayman Pro makes bivvy setup exceptionally quick as it is simply a matter of slotting the two sections of rib together. This is a very versatile bivvy. Not only does its footprint allow you to set up in tiny swims whilst it interior enables you to pack away enough gear to see you through a long session, but the front of the bivvy enables you to remain comfortable in a huge variety of angling scenarios. Firstly, the door of the bivvy is dual zipped. This allows you to create a handy letterbox opening, giving you the option of sitting in your bivvy, watching out over your swim, whilst still remaining completely sheltered from the elements. If this doesn’t give you enough viability, you can completely remove the door and roll back the sides, transforming your bivvy into an open fronted shelter that is perfect for short session coarse and carp fishing. The door of the Trakker Cayman Pro can also be swapped out for a full mozzy mesh. This ensures that you can enjoy your full airflow whilst simultaneously preventing your suffering through a night of gnat bites.

To give the Trakker Cayman Pro Bivvy full structural integrity, even in high winds, it comes supplied with an interlocking frame support system, as well as a high quality tension strap. These maintain the shape of the bivvy. Heavy duty T-pegs ensure that the bivvy stays put, too. The Trakker Cayman Pro comes fitted with unique anti-rattle zips, too, as aditinal high-wind feature. These enable you to enjoy a restful nights sleep even when the wind is howling through the trees. The bivvy is manufactured from a high quality gore-tex material. Gore-tex is a revolutionary and highly popular material which is often used in hiking, mountaineering, and other outdoor sports products. It is famous for its waterproof and breathable qualities, ensuring that you are protected from the external elements as well as preventing moisture built up internally. In bivvy terms, this means that the risk of condensation forming inside the bivvy is minimal. A heavy duty groundsheet prevents damp from entering the bivvy from the ground, too.

The Trakker Cayman Pro comes in its own NXG carry bag. This ensures that it is easy to transport to and from the bank, as well as preventing it from sustaining any damage in storage or transit. At only 5.3kg, this bivvy is exceptionally lightweight and it is the ideal option for the angler who is trying to condense their gear in order to remain mobile on the bank

Please note that this version of the Trakker Cayman Pro Bivvy does not come with chain links in its poles.

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