Trakker NXG Bivvy Sleeve

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Key Features

  • Roll-top storage sleeve to house different-sized shelters
  • Roll-down opening/closure
  • Heavy-duty zipped peg pouch
  • EVA carry handles at the base and middle
  • Padded removable shoulder strap
  • Reinforced base
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Dimensions: L 160cm x W 50cm (Opening) x W 28cm (Base)

Trakker NXG Bivvy Sleeve, 

Transporting your bivvy to and from the bank can be nothing short of a nightmare, regardless of whether you’re barrowing down to your swim for a long stay on the bankside or you’re roving around the water’s edge, and for many anglers their bivvy is seen as a necessary inconvenience. However, bivvy transportation doesn’t have to be that awkward or inconvenient, thanks to the NGX Bivvy Sleeve from Trakker. Designed to house shelters of differing sizes, this Bivvy Sleeve allows you to storage and transport your bivvies with ease.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Trakker NGX Bivvy Sleeve is its variety of carry handles and straps. It boasts a removable shoulder strap. This allows you to transport your bivvy down to the bankside completely hands free, enabling you to take more tackle items down to the water's edge in one go. The shoulder strap is ideal whether you’re looking to free-up space in your barrow for bulky bait buckets or tackle boxes as well as being perfect for the mobile angler who doesn’t want to be held back on the bank by their tackle. What’s more, the strap has been padded for your comfort, so you don’t have to worry if you have a long trek between the boot of your car and the bank. In addition to this main shoulder strap, the Trakker NGX Bivvy Sleeve also has two EVA carry handles. These are perfect for manoeuvring it around in your boot or barrow, as well as on the bank. The first of these handles has been fitted to the base of the Bivvy Sleeve. This is perfect for repositioning the bag once it is in place in your boot or barrow. The second of these is found in the middle of the bag. This is ideal for lifting it out and onto the bankside. The EVA padding ensures that you never have to worry about fabric from cutting into your hands, should you choose to transport it using the carry handles rather than the padded shoulder strap.

The Trakker NGX Bivvy Sleeve boasts a roll-down opening/closure. This allows you to adjust the size of the bag to perfectly accommodate your bivvy, whether you’ve got a small day shelter or you’re transporting a huge long stay outfit, so you don’t have to deal with excess baggage or have your bivvy sliding around inside your luggage. The bag itself is 160cm long and 50cm wide at the opening. The base of the bag is 28cm wide and it has been reinforced, too. This affords your bivvy the additional protection that it requires, preventing any accidental damage in storage or in transit. The entire Bivvy Sleeve has been manufactured from 100% polyester. A highly durable material and easy to clean, polyester is ideal for use across angling luggage collections.

To complete the Trakker NGX Bivvy Sleeve, you’ll find a zipped peg pouch. This has been designed, as the name suggests, for the storage and transportation of your heavy duty T-pegs. This means that you never have to worry about arriving at the bank only to discover that you’ve left you pegs at home – rendering your bivvy as good as useless.

If you’re looking for a neat, compact, and easy to manoeuvre solution to your bivvy transportation problem then the Trakker NGX Bivvy Sleeve is perfect for you. Styled in an olive green colour, not only will it perfectly complement your existing carp fishing luggage but it will also make your life on the bank that bit more enjoyable. 

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