Trakker Sanctuary XXL Retention Sling v2

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Key Features

  • Full fast-drain mesh construction
  • Optimum water flow and very accurate weighing
  • Double-zipped opening securely houses the carp inside
  • Specifically designed to support the carp when weighing
  • Four floats ensure the sling is ultra-buoyant
  • Reinforced dual weighing straps with fixed weighing loops
  • Double reinforced carry handles on each side of the sling for safe lifting
  • Meshed pocket houses a 5-metre retaining cord
  • Carp care guidelines to advise the safety and correct use of the sling
  • Supplied in nylon sleeve
  • Material: Polymesh/PVC
  • Dimensions: L 165cm x W 30cm x D 75cm

Trakker Sanctuary XXL Retention Sling v2, T

Sanctuary is Trakker’s dedicated carp care range. Fish care is one of the most vital considerations which all anglers need to take into account on the bank, regardless of your discipline. However, as a big chunk hunter, it is even more essential that you take care of your quarry whilst it is on the bank – ensuring that you return it to its watery home stress-free and with all its wounds tended to. After all, if you want to continue to catch hug double figure carp then you need to ensure that you’re returning fish in a manner in which they can grow and thrive. Without adequate fish care, the low doubles you land are never going to be able to develop into the next UK record breaker and carp care is vital to keeps stocks levels high, carp huge, and fish breeding.

The Trakker Sanctuary XXL Retention Sling v2 has been purpose designed for the very largest fish you’re likely to encounter and it is ideal for use carp fishing both here in the UK and over on the continent. After a long and aggressive battle, you’ll know just how exhausted you feel and chances are you’ll want to sit down with a hot cuppa to let your arms rest and your heart rate return to normal. It goes without saying that the carp on the end of your line will be feeling much the same, so it is only right that you provide it with adequate time to rest and recover. This is vital prior to lifting the carp for weighing and photographing, as well as before you release your quarry for the final time. The XXL Retention Sling has been fitted with a number of fish care features in order to ensure that your fish can be held in the water in a safe and secure manner whilst you allow it to rest and recover.

The first thing you’ll notice about this sling it its huge size. At 165cm long, 30cm wide, and 75cm deep, you won’t face any trouble housing the biggest carp the UK has to offer. If you’re a long time Trakker fan then you’ll be especially pleased to note the improvement to the width of the sling. In the original model, Trakker had received a handful of reports of damaged fins, which anglers thought could be attributed to the slimness of the retention sling. On this new and updated model, you’ll never have to worry about this as the sling is plenty wide enough to comfortably house even the most rotund of carp.

The next thing you’ll be pleased to note is the fish friendly mesh used throughout the sling. This mesh has been designed to allow for excellent water flow, to prevent the fish from being buffeted around in any currents whilst it is being retained. This is also an exceptionally useful feature when the time comes to weigh the fish, as all the water drains quickly and effectively to ensure that you’re getting an accurate reading from your scales. The weight-bearing poles on this sling have been especially reinforced. This ensures that even the weightiest fish won’t cause any kind of damage to your gear and the last thing you want is for your sling to break whilst in use! The weighing straps have been double stitched and affixed to dedicated weighing loops, too. The carry handles have been double reinforced to ensure that you’re able to safely transport your fish between your weighing equipment and the water. This is especially vital in all those scenarios when you might have had to set up your weighing equipment some distance away from the bank in order to achieve a stable and sturdy setup.

Finally, you’ll be happy to see that the Trakker Sanctuary XXL Retention Sling v2 comes with its very own set of use guidelines. These are stitched to the corner of the sling and are displayed on a rubber stamp, so you can quickly and easily refer to them whilst on the bank as required. 

Carp Care Guidelines: Carp should only be retained for a maximum of 30 minutes. If it is necessary to retain longer, use a carp sack. Retain for a minimal time in warmer months when oxygen is low. Dry your sling completely at home to prevent spread of disease.

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