Tsunami Mackerel Feather Rig

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Key Features

  • Extremely well tied
  • 3 or 6 hook options
  • Hook size: 4/0
  • Ideal for Mackerel and other species
  • Add bait for added attraction
  • Ideal for use from shore or boat
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Tsunami Mackerel Feather Rig

This rig from Tsunami has been tailor made with mackerel in mind. With both three hook and six hook options available, you’re able to choose the intensity of your fishing. Perfect for feathering for mackerel both from the shore and from the boat, these feathers have been tied with all of Tsunami’s expert experience. This mackerel feather rig has been developed in conjunction with the brand’s fishing gurus, and as such the design reflects some of the most popular patterns being used in the UK today. This rig is constructed from top quality materials, so you can be assured that it will last it’s time in the water.

Feather fishing for mackerel is one of the most popular (and profitable) methods available – even more so than spinning or float fishing. With a six hook rig giving you the possibility of having six fish on your line at the same time, it is also a great way to put a bend in your rod and a smile on your face. One of the reasons why feather fishing is such an effective method is because these feathers mimic the mackerel’s natural food source. With this fishing technique you don’t necessarily have to splash out on a flashy new sea fishing rod. A heavy duty carp rod will more than do the job, especially if you are a casual sea angler who is looking to give mackerel fishing a shot. A 12ft carp rod with a decent test curve (aim for upwards of 3lb) and a 12lb monofilament will do the job just fine. As with all fishing, it is important to match your rig to your setup, so a light spinning setup will suit just fine with a few feathers in your rig. If you’re fishing with more feathers then you should use a heavier-duty setup, as you would with any other fishing tactic.

As a top tip, don’t try to feather fish for mackerel at night or in low light levels. This is for the very simple reason that the mackerel won’t be able to see the feathers in the dark! Similarly, you may find feathering difficult in cloudy waters. As a general rule of thumb, feathering in clear waters when the sun is shining will get you the best results – as well as being a more enjoyable experience for you! If you’re on a steep shore such as Chesil Beach in Dorset, which is one of the UK’s most popular mackerel waters, a cast of 60-80 yards should see you reeling in the mackerel in their droves. However, if you’re feathering from a pier, casting directly below you and jigging your setup will get you the best results.

Mackerel are some of the most popular fish and, luckily for us, they are prolific around much of the UK’s stunning coastline. Feathering is an easy style to master, especially as you have great brands such as Tsunami making up your rigs for you! Simply cast, let slack (remembering to wait until your lead hits the bottom), and then retrieve in a sweeping waist high motion. Tsunami’s Mackerel Feather Rig really is the perfect tool for mackerel fishing, no matter the season.

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