Tsunami Orange Sparkle Muppet Rig

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Key Features

  • Extremely well tied
  • Features 3 size 7/0 hooks
  • Ideal for all larger species
  • Perfect for Cod and Ling
  • Add bait for added attraction
  • Ideal for use over deep water wrecks

Tsunami Orange Sparkle Muppet Rig, 

At the heart of Tsunami’s brand is the drive to create superior quality terminal tackle to ensure that anglers are able to catch more fish than they ever have before. To make sure it maintains this aim across its products, it puts its designs through a range of vigorous testing procedures in order to test tensile strength, corrosion resistance, construction properties, material hardness and forming strength. This ensures that all of its products are long lasting, durable and excellent quality as only the best will make it past these regulations and on to the market. Tsunami’s quality is tough to beat and these rigs highlight its team’s passion and strive for better angling. It is known for its precision construction and high quality hooks that create extraordinary products and improve the angling sessions of fishermen everywhere.

The Tsumani Orange Sparkle Muppet Rig features three size 7/0 hooks which, due to their large size, are ideal for all larger species of saltwater and other fish. You can reel in heavier fish with ease thanks to the size of these hooks; they’ll be able to withstand the weight of more voluminous fish without any damage or risk of the hook breaking because they are made from carefully selected high-carbon materials that have been manufactured to create the most durable hook possible. Not only that, but they also undergo a technologically advanced heat process to provide the ultimate hardness and strength, making these hooks some of the strongest on the market. They have been extremely well tied with expert precision which will save you the fiddly job on the bank so you can spend more time with the hook actually in the water to bank some fish. The hook will stay firmly attached to the rig thanks to the superb tying and Tsunami’s expert attention to detail. Nothing goes unmissed or unchecked with its products; they are the best quality they can be.

Whilst these rigs are still completely effective on their own, you could also use some bait and additives for added attraction to guarantee that the fish will come into your swim. The combination of these fantastic rigs and the temptation of bait will be absolutely irresistible for fish like cod and ling, which these rigs are perfect for in the first place. If cod and ling aren’t your usual target fish, then you’ll be glad to know that the Orange Muppet Rig is ideal for all large saltwater species, so there is a wealth of fish for you to choose from; whether it’s your usual or you try something new. Not only that, but they are also ideal for use over deep water wrecks, so you can really expand your angling expertise when you use these rigs.

The hook itself receives expert finish treatment to deliver the smoothest surface achievable and a superbly sharp hook point which will offer you reliable penetration and hook setting.

Part of the sublime Tsunami Trace range, these rigs demonstrate everything that the company stands for with their supreme quality and excellent corrosion resistance which is always essential when saltwater fishing. Every stage of the design on these hooks and the production process has been carefully thought out. From the selection of hook materials, of which Tsunami only picks the best, to the treatment process, to the finished look of the product, this brand puts in 100% for everything, to ensure that the performance is phenomenal each and every time. The Orange Sparkle Muppet Rig receives all of the benefits from Tsunami’s breadth of knowledge and wisdom when it comes down to fishing tackle. 

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