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Vass Mega-Studed Boot

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Key Features

  • Mega-Studded
  • Double reinforced upper body of boot includes ankle, lower shin and toe area
  • Wider calf &foot fitting
  • Deep heel kick (easier to take the boots off)
  • Ultra chunky sole
  • Ladder grip on sole bridge (extra grip &reinforcement when walking over rock ridges, stones and debris)
Grouped product items
Model Item name
EV21-2/8 Boot Size: 8
EV21-2/11 Boot Size: 11
EV21-2/6 Boot Size: 6
EV21-2/9 Boot Size: 9
EV21-2/12 Boot Size: 12
EV21-2/7 Boot Size: 7
EV21-2/10 Boot Size: 10
Vass Mega-Studed Boots, Vass are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Vass Boot which has been developed to be tough, comfortable and offer great traction off road!
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