Wychwood Net Station

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Key Features

  • Innovative new product from Wychwood!
  • Safely secures the fish in the net in the water
  • Acts as an extra arm during landing of your catch
  • Keeps the net away from bankside obstructions by placement in the water
  • Enables the net to be ready for immediate use
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Wychwood is a brand that prides itself on innovating highly practical products that really make a difference on the bank. This Wychwood Net Station is one such product and it could be the item that really revolutionises your carp fishing. By fastening this Net Station to a bankstick you are left with a safe and secure place to store your net, ready for use as soon as the moment requires. This is an incredibly useful tool for the solo angler, as it means that your net is right by your side at all times. What’s more, if you’re fishing in water where you’re regularly having to wade out to land your catch you don’t have to worry about forgetting your net as you charge into the shallows with your waders – by setting your net up next to your rods it is always at hand.

Not only is the Wychwood Net Station a great place to store your net between uses but it is also ideal for those times when you need to temporarily retain your catch – either before unhooking and weighing it or before returning it to the water. Simply slot the landing net handle into place and you’re able to suspend your net mesh in the water, keeping you catch safe and allowing it time to recovery whilst you set up your scales or recast your rod. The Wychwood Net Station is great for use on lakes with shallow margins, as it enables you to retain your fish further out in the deeper water. It is also ideal for when you’re in a weedy or tight swim, as in these scenarios a retention sling can’t be set up safely. Once again, this is especially useful for the solo angler who finds themselves on the bank and in need of a spare pair of hands. In many ways, the Wychwood Net Station acts as an extra arm during your time on the bank, keeping your net out of the way and ready for use.

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