Wychwood Signature Landing Net

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Key Features

  • Ultra-light and ultra-strong handle and arms
  • High flow midnight-black mesh
  • Super strong custom block with isotope slots
  • Comes in protective carry case
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Q0020 Length: 36inch
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Wychwood Signature Landing Net

If you’re looking for a top quality landing net then you can’t go wrong by picking a brand that is one of the countries leaders in the carp fishing market. Wychwood is one such brand and this Signature Landing Net offers everything the avid carper could want from a top quality landing net. The Wychwood Signature Landing Net is available in two sizes. The 36 inch size is the UK standard and it is popular for its incredible versatility. With this net in your tackle collection you’re able to target a huge variety of species including chub, tench, bream, and small to midsized carp. The larger net has 42 inch arms and it is ideal for the angler who knows that they are targeting carp well into the double figures. It can also be used comfortably to handle continental mid-doubles too. Both net sizes boast a midnight black mesh, ensuring that they look great with any modern carp fishing rod setup. What’s more, this mesh has been designed to ensure that the net is high flow. This means that when you’re landing a capture in a river, the water can flood through the net with ease, ensuring that you experience maximum manoeuvrability.

The Wychwood Signature Landing Net boasts ultra-strong landing net arms, which ensure that they can support the weight of your next personal best capture. The handle of the net is also manufactured from this same material, meaning that the entire setup is incredibly rigid even under immense pressure. The spreader block has been custom designed, to give the net additional strength and resilience, and it has been fitted with an isotope slot. This makes landing a capture in low light conditions significantly easier and it is ideal for the angler who is faced with an early hours scream from a bite alarm.

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